Wednesday, December 03, 2008

more than just a grocery-getter

I love it when I have an excuse to use my truck to do actual truck-like things.  I often feel awful about the amount of fuel it needs, or the many repairs needed to keep an almost 20 year old truck running safely.  But then, just as often, we wonder how the heck we ever got through life in those truckless years between the 1980 Chevy and the 1989 GMC.  (My first truck and current truck; there were a couple of cars in between.  I've never owned anything front wheel drive or non-Generous Motors.)

On the weekend, Susan needed a ride for a round bale.  Her hubby's truck wasn't feeling well.  She's done so much for me (like, I get to play with her horses!) and it wasn't any problem at all to say, "Of course we'll go get a round bale with my truck!"

We went down the road to a dairy farmer's place.  It smelled like a dairy farm.  I liked it.  There was a cute white farm house, a big black hip roof barn, a black shed, and a couple of white cover-all sheds.  His kids were bombing around in snow suits, and two big black and brown dogs came up to sniff us and wag their fluffy tails.  Dude put the bale in the truck with a nice John Deere tractor - with a spike on the front.  That was cool.  I'd love to have a big spike thing to spear giant hay bales with.  It wouldn't even be like work.  Just fun.  Except for the cold.  Just saying.  

Look how big this darn hay bale is!  Believe it or not, Susan and I, two small women, shoved this thing outta the truck by ourselves!  We are a couple of hardy and hearty farm girls!  Whoo!

My truck looks good full of hay.  And I feel good knowing that four horses have a big bale to keep them busy and make the barn full of small bales last longer.  

And you know, if that what it takes to cheer me up, I'm okay with that.  

Less hatred, more hay.  Makes the world a better place.


CindyDianne said...

I know what you mean.

I love round bales of hay when they are in my truck.

My truck is going to do some horse hauling Thursday night when we go to the cabin! YAY!

ValleyGirl said...

I still have a hard time not 'seeing' that evil tree lurking behind you!

Heidi the Hick said...

Haha, Susan, that tree monster is out to get me!!

Cindy- that's so great- I'd love to take my horses with me! Maybe someday. Eventually I'll get that trailer fixed up and convince them to get in it...!

hayseed said...

See, you do NEED the truck-gotta move those round bales. I like to see trucks all loaded up with hay-like the owners are out there gathering feed for their critters, providing for them-makes me smile (guess I'm easily pleased too). BTW, nice truck!

Heidi said...

You know what I love about this? You were snapping pictures of it!!

Go you hearty farm girls!

Anita said...

I wish I had a good excuse to buy a full size truck.. lol
This newest one I bought isn't even a country truck, like my green one was... it's a city slicker, through-and-through!

coffeypot said...

You gonna smoke all that at one time?

mugwump said...

I get round bales out of the back of my truck by hooking one end of my tow chain through the baling string, hooking the other end to a tree and driving away.

mugwump said...


Biddie said...

Trucks are great, but when know that you have one, they always want help moving something. Maybe you should make it a little business on the side?