Monday, November 03, 2008

The Wheels are Turning.

Jethro just drove past the house, on his way from the bank, to the highway, to work.

The pavement is wet, the truck is extremely loud on account of the engine not actually being connected to the exhaust pipe, and, well, he's a small town dude in a pickup truck.  He pulled up to the stop sign at the corner, waved his giant hand at me (from my bay window I can see the corner clearly) and then squealed them big snow tires and rumbled down the street.

Ahhh yes.  Just being our uncouth selves, here in this nice town.  

Today, while he's playing with electrical wires and things at the studio, that big ol truck will be getting new brakes, and a new engine pipe!  This is very exciting for me, because I really like brakes.  Brakes are so good.  I like brakes on horses too, but on trucks it's just really important. A working exhaust system is equally wonderful.  Not only does it keep your jaw from vibrating against your skull as you drive -seriously, it's not just loud, it's skull-shakingly loud - but a nice tight exhaust creates back pressure, which means more power.  A V8 with no exhaust is gutless, meaning you have to step into harder to make it move, and you go through more gas.  Need I say that I do not need to be pouring any more gas through that monster?  So it may sound cool, and bitchin, at least that first BARK  after turning the key, but let's just say it gets old fast.

Back pressure, and power, and brakes... this all makes me think of riding horses too.  If my horse is all stretched out, I might have less control of his body, and might not get a good stop out of him.  But, if I can run him collected (back pressure) then he's right there when I need a transition.  Transmission of power, back to front... I must not wear spurs when driving.  

I'm so excited about getting the truck fixed!  Maybe later this week we might be able to get the left turn signal fixed!

And the door handle and pull strap! 

Maybe even the interior light!

Weatherstripping  around the door?

I wonder if my mechanic will be grossed out by all the horse hair and dog hair and gravel and pine needles and possible tiny microscopic fragments of manure???

My rubber boots are still behind the front seat, but I'm doing town stuff today.  I don't need to wear barn boots to the bank, although that would be funny.  Same same, different pile?

The slick lil Jetta sits in the wet driveway waiting for me, with my gnarly old saddle stuffed into the hatch.  Jethro had to move the saddle out of the truck so he could fit the radial reciprocating skilsaw into the cab.  He's had enough vocal tuning and has turned his attention to iso-booth construction.

Me?  I gotta go take my saddle to the bank, and then let it ride along to Zellers to buy some longjohns.  

After that... me, pug, and computer.  Couch.  Words, words, words.  It's been spinning around in my head and it's time to put it in gear and get rolling.

The wheels are turning.


CindyDianne said...

I imagine you are excited that the truck is getting brakes and exhaust!

Speaking of brakes - I had to through them on with JJ the other night who BUCKED ME! Oh, it makes me mad and determined when that happens. I didn't come off. I was able to keep his head up and put him into a buck stopping turn. It is a good thing he is cute. The butt head.

Biddie said...

Oh, that is big news....Spencer needs some repairs done and he is waiting, waiting, waiting, because he doesn't have the money right now.
Waiting SUCKS!
Your day sounds a lot like mine, Shorkie, Bichon, computer, couch, me. Oh, and The Cat From Hell. Can't forget her.

Did Jethro tell you how he is keeping me from living my dream?

dilling said...

i might be able to use some of them....

Heidi said...

sometimes I stop by just for the beautiful writing...

even when it's about trucks and brakes... it's the way you write about it that makes it almost elegant.

You were born to be a writer. And a rider. You think God gets the homophonic irony of that?

Heidi the Hick said...

cindy- what's with JJ being such a goof? HOpefully it's just that he's feeling good. You are a heck of a rider. I know what you mean though; I tend to forgive my cute horses very easily. The butt heads!

Bid, what the heck with Jethro? I'm baffled. NOpe he didn't tell me about this! You know how it is, guys don't remember the info!

I agree about the waiting. I've been waiting for the money to fix the exhaust for about three weeks and the brakes for... well I'd rather not say how long. I'm just relieved that it's gonna get done!

Dilling, you need brakes for your speedy Beagle???

Heidi, I made truck repairs elegant? Yeehaw! Whoo!

hee hee

(I think God gets it.)

Jethro said...

radial reciprocating skilsaw?

It's called a Compound Mitre Saw. The Excalibur of all power tools. Seriously, the Makita is the best there is.

Did I mention that Gianni the mechanic called me this afternoon and gave me a rundown of everything the truck needs. "The catalytic is gone" he says. I ask, "will it still pass the emissions test?"
He says, "No, it's gone. Like, there's a rusty flange, then a blank section where it used to be, and then another rusty flange. Musta fell off"

I always say we bought the $8000 truck, only we paid $1500 at the beginning, and then the rest in major repairs...

It's nice to be able to stop, though. That's a big priority, eh?

Kinda gutless at slow speeds, but I have to say, it really screams on the straightaway right now...

JKB said...

YEEhaw, go WORDS!!

And go you, you crazy thing. :)

Heidi the Hick said...

Jethro, I KNOW there's no such thing! It's just that you have such a wide variety of TOOLS and you're such a gear head!

"The Excalibur of all power tools" is so geeky-studly! You have to say that now every time you fire up a new tool. It's required now.

And I'm really disappointed that I never thought of it to take that truck out on the highway and let 'er rip. Bummer! I never get to wind it out like that on the way to the grocery store or the Little Valley. Well I could but I'd end up in jail or something.

JKB Yeeeeeee haw!

Heidi the Hick said...

Biddie, he did tell me something about the squashing of your dream.

He gave you the ol "HE'S JUST A GUY" speech, didn't he?

pseudosu said...

You WRITE girl! Good for you.

I just got balled-out (not badly) for blowing the pipe off Dan's Toranado (again) This is the no heat, no a/c, no gauges, no working windows, geriatric stoner-mobile P.O.S. I'm relegated to now. Apparently I'm not supposed to "accelerate".

I feel your pain honey.

Heidi the Hick said...

OOO Toronado!!!

It's an antique. Sadly antique does not always equal cool factor.

So if you can't accelerate, you just have to crooooze. Trust me, that's what I do. It'll make up for the cool factor. With that blown out pipe, it'll make everybody else JEALOUS OF YOUR HOT ROD!

See, I know these things...

Angel said...

Lucky you! Getting your truck all fixed up! Too bad they found something else wrong with it... but they ALWAYS find something else wrong don't they?

P.S. I posted a video clip of Stacy Westfall that you might like to take a look at (if you haven't seen it already).

mugwump said...

It's time for me to chime in. I've been a silent reader long enough. I like coming here to read late at night. There's something about your writing that sings when the house is quiet except for some gentle snores from the fridge and my old man.

Heidi the Hick said...

Angel, yes, the always find something else wrong with it! But heck it's paid for.

I'll check out your video tomorrow morning when I wake up!

Mugwump, my fridge snores too. So does my husband and my dog. Can't tell you how pleased I am to see you here, because I adore your blog!