Friday, November 28, 2008


It's good to have a Buy Nothing day every now and then.  Really, how much STUFF do we need?

I'm trying to cut down on my stuff dependence.  I'm slowly clearing out stuff I don't need, but most of all, not acquiring more stuff.  I'm not a shopper; I don't go out buying new things.  It just finds its way to me.  I'm a junk magnet.  It's weird.  On every trip to the store though, I'm always wondering if this thing I'm agonizing over will end up in the garbage in two weeks.  

Magazines are a killer for me.  I tell you, I decide to quit buying People mag several times a month, but they find ways to get me.  Sometimes reading it for free at the library just isn't enough.

So it's a good thing I bought the new Sexiest Man Alive edition two days ago!  

Hugh Jackman's the man this year.  If you want to see a lot of gorgeous, I recommend The Prestige.  Him and Christian Bale as dueling magicians.  And it's a good movie too.  

Okay, I'm off to buy a case of cat food.  Buy Nothing Day goes to heck real quick when my old cat's involved!


Olly said...

Damn! If I knew it was "buy nothing day" today I would have done my grocery shopping yesterday, lol!

dilling said...

dang! i have to buy dog stuff today...
we are doing dump runs, tho, getting rid of stuff....

Heidi the Hick said...

I don't know... If cat food doesn't count, then dog food doesn't count either, right? And therefore maybe grocery shopping doesn't count either? I mean you gotta eat!

Dump run. We need to do that too; still some studio construction garbage. From home I need to do a thrift store run, which always feels good. But then I go in and come back out with a giant bag full of $20 worth of "new" stuff. I don't feel bad though because my kids are growing so fast I need to buy clothes for them!

pseudosu said...

I just went for "refusing to Christmas shop day". I did go buy a black turtleneck-- for me, at Target though. Not very Christmas-y, and not a gift, and I needed it. I call it a win.

Biddie said...

Shawn and did most of our shopping on Friday. Christmas shopping, that is. We are almost done.
He has been soo much better about actually helping with it this year. He is not just carrying my bags, but giving me input and picking stuff out himself.
Today was our buy nothing day. Actually, I was in my nightie until...um, 5 ish? LOL.
It it was an overall do nothing day for me.