Monday, November 17, 2008


Deep breath:

I spent the weekend shoveling horse dung, moving horses in and out of a dripping wet barn, helping build stairs while standing in an inch of water, getting rained on, watching the rain run in under the barn bank door and then down every gap in the floor possible, then into the downstairs of the barn... which is where my horses live, and then after a Saturday of RAIN it SNOWED all day Sunday, and we couldn't come home until this morning which the kids thought was great cuz they missed half a day of school, so I'm here for a MINUTE and the house is A MESS, like a worse mess than it usually is, like it'll take a day to get it back up to its usual comfortable state of mess, and now I have to drive back to the studio and do more painting, plus I have a writers group meeting tonight to discuss our book launch on Saturday - oh I might have forgotten to mention that to anybody - and I am not prepared for this meeting AT ALL but at least I can show up there, and the dog is barking at shadows - oh by the way we have sunny blue skies today, thank ya very much, weekend - anyways I hafta go.

I hate driving on the highway.

I have a little bit of a chest pain and my armpits are nasty.

Okay.  See ya.


Tod said...

Thanks for the info about your armpits - Lol! Oooh a book launch?!? Do tell...

Heidi said...

what a weekend! Sounded almost soul-cleansing til you got to the part about snow. Now, that might be my perfect day, but I'm thinking not so much yours!

have a great time with your book buddies!

Biddie said...

Hi! I gotta say, The Pug has gotten...pudgy. That's ok, I think that they are supposed to be that way.
Maybe next time our visit will be longer than 5 minutes in the doorway while the pups get reaquainted and Shawn scrambles around yelling for a hoodie.
I still think that you should have taken that bag of underwear.
Wasn't that rain awful? Kayla and I got stuck out in it on Saturday.
I'm still trying to warm up.

dilling said...

yeah....here too

pseudosu said...

Book launch????

Heidi the Hick said...

tod- Sorry, I just couldn't get my mind off the pits.

Book launch info coming later this week, ok?

Heidi- is it possible for a time away to be both soul cleansing and frustrating at the same time???

Bid- Pudgy puggy! Who's the big dog now eh? haha

I was kinda bummed out (bad pun) about the undies. I mean, Bucky would have really liked those Simpsons undies but it's not something guys like to discuss with, y'know, mothers or best friends of wives, y'know???

Dilling I remember when you were up to your eyeballs in paint too.

I have to get around to pictures.

Sue- later, promise!

JKB said...


Horse poo!


I love your life, Heidi. LOL!

Heidi the Hick said...

I break out in stink when I'm panicked!

DysdHousewife said...

Oh no not the Nasty Pits. Dontcha HATE that??! ::Grin::

Heidi the Hick said...

I'll tell you what I hate:

400 series highways in/around/ near Toronto.

Actually I hate much of Toronto.

Especially the northern industrial area.

Like, you wanna talk about ARMPITS that is the armpit of Ontario. Yeeechhhhh.

However city people (musicians) tend to be frightened to venture out of the city for any length of time, so that's where out studio is. Until we're able to convince a large percentage of Canada's music business that they really do want to record and mix out in the sticks (ha! that rhymes) I will have to suffer the stinky city.

I'm so glad I won't have to do it anymore when this project is done.