Monday, October 06, 2008


Three years today, people.  I've been filling up the intermittent net with my own brand of word pollution for three years.

To celebrate, I want to include you.  This blog would be no fun at all without you.  So, help me out here, okay?  

Tell me why you're here.  

Is it for the pictures? The words?  The funny?  The sad? The overalls and boots?  The feminist rant against workwear that doesn't fit small women?  The never-know-what-you'll get?  If it's for the Johnny, do you always stop by on Friday??  

Tell me about your favourite post.  

Was it the one about my daughter's baby bird?  My son Bucky on the four-wheeler?  My adventures in unibrow separation and pink hair dye?  Stories about my dear departed red horse?  Putting hay in the barn?  The weirdness of taking a girl off the farm but bringing a few tiny bits of farm to the subdivision?

How did you end up here?

Next blog button?  Saw a comment from me on another blog and wanted to know who the heck would call herself a hick so proudly?  Googled something else and stumbled across this little patch of absurdity?  You were surfing Images for pics of  Robert Plant and found this little gold mine here?  You're another struggling hopeful novelist and you feel my pain?  Maybe the exhaust pipe on your pickup truck is shot too?

I really want to know.  And please let me know why you're a little bit Hick Chic yourself.  By that, I mean HICK = "Yer not from around here" and CHIC = stylish, phosisticated, fashionable.  


And I'm insisting that everybody plays along today.

Please delurk and say hi.  It'll mean the world to me.  Seriously.  Don't be shy.  It's just a blog, not a grocery store or a bank or something, so you don't need to have any panic attacks.  We're all friends here in a strange, never actually met kind of way, so EVERYBODY, SING ALONG!




Heidi the Hick said...

okay me first.

I'm here because Jethro wanted me to write again.

And I didn't know what to write about so I figured I'd just write about me.

Because I never imagined that I'd be in my 30s and live in town.

But I have a pink John Deere hat and I still have my horses so I think I'll be okay.

Awright, who's next?

pseudosu said...

Heidi-- Congrats!

I'm here because at one point you made some kind of funny / relevant comment on either nathan or colleen's blogs that made me go, "I need to check her out." The rest is recent history.
When I came and checked out some of your posts I was astounded to find someone so funny, and slightly off kilter (like me), and bravely candid. We are into many of the same things and you remind me in many ways of myself. If i was still canadian I'm pretty sure we'd hang out, but since I now live in yankeeland I'll have to settle for your blog, which I check daily. Thanks!!-- for your voice. It helps me remember we're not alone, just maybe far flung.

Heidi the Hick said...

You said it - same tribe!!

Marni said...

I found you by chance... i liked the name of your blog because one word is close to one of my names...

And any post about Dobby is my fave, but I'm partial to flat, nosed, slobbering, snoring little things.

AND I loved the post when hubby won his award.

Congrats, Heidi!!! I'll keep a comin'...

JKB said...

Okey, my turn. I found you from Steve Bodio...and you turned into a regular read for me. Then I commented, then you commented, then we became a critique group and next we're on Oprah. Srsly.

My favorite posts are EZ - da poneez. :)

Happy Blogiversary to youuuuuuu!

Olly said...

Wow! Happy Blogiversary to you!

I'm here because I found you through Dilling's blog.

I was amazed just how much we are alike when it comes to our anxiety issues.

I can't possibly pick one posting that is my fave - there have been so many. I love that you took us all to the awards, so cool! Love the adventures in pink hair dye. I never get tired of the Johnny Fridays either!

Bunny said...

Happy Blogiversary!
I think a google search for Johnny Depp pictures was how I found ya'.
I got hooked by your style, your wit, the similarities (and the differences) in how we see the world.
My fave post? Loved the one with the truck "busting out" around the parking lot arm thingy, or when Jethro won his award, or the pink hair. . . But hard to declare a real "fave", they're all a part of your story (which is the true fave)!

jules said...

Ok, I'll go next. Found you through Jas, I believe, since before Champ died. Love Johnny Fridays! Love the ponies! You're such a cool (hip hick) chick, what's not to love? Who can resist? (resistance is futile)

Heidi the Hick said...

That's right, you will be assimilated. Haha, there's my nerdy side leakin' out!

This is so much fun! I wish I had time to go read each and every one of your blogs every day.

Thanks for being here!!!!

Jethro said...

Wow, what blogiversary is this? 3? And little Mac Black, the G3 Pizmo running Mac OS 10.4, the machine that got you going is sadly sitting dormant downstairs, waiting for me to fix the power supply connector... It's days of relevance trickle away, while you write up a storm on the zippy little MacBook. This has got me thinking that I should finally fix that thing and get it working as a homework box...

Anyhow, Mac, Mac, Mac....

Happy blogging all!

coffeypot said...

Becasue I was paid $5.00 to be your friend.

dilling said...

i hit the next blog button and there you were....
you said something about asshats and i was hooked...and all those johnny photos...and crushes...
my favorite posts involve the barn.
i am not from around here, but have lived everywhere and my claim to chic is a dangerous collection of fluevogs....
happy blogiversary

Tod said...

Happy Blogiversary!

I came over from Biddie's place when you wrote a funny comment once. It wasn't your only funny comment cos I kept coming back for more. I never know what I am going to get when I pop over and I like that. You hold great blog parties and I love it when you say, "Git awfa mah prawpity nayah!"

Oh, and these days I read about your efforts to get published with fascination - you know why that is. :)

Angel said...

I fell thru thr rabbit hole from a link on Cindy's blog. I was interested in your horses and rock and roll lifestyle. I think we must be about the same age so I can relate to your high school daze. I remember I really liked your post about the auction you went to with your Dad. Happy Blogiversary Heidi!

Heidi the Hick said...

Hey did you all notice how darn romantic my rock n roll geek husband is?

haha I love it when he talks dirty. Oh wait, I mean, "dirty"

hee heeeeee

This is so much fun! I really enjoy hearing how we all found each other!

hayseed said...

I found your blog because I was trying to figure out the breeding of a horse we had purchased from a Mennonite farmer, and I googled Mennonite and horse and got Hick chic. Then I e-mailed you with a picture of my horse, and sent you a couple of long-winded e-mails....anyway, yeah, that was me. My favourite post?
the one about the auction, and you visiting the farmhouse and listening to the men gossip...a lovely piece of writing I thought- and that's why I stayed. And for the horses too. And your openness and silliness. And the fact that you, too, have to pick hay out of your hair.

Heidi the Hick said...

Hayseed! NOW I know who you are!!! Explains why I liked your blog right away the first time I went there... aside from the awesome pictures and witty writing of course!

Tribble said...

um, i found her cuz shes my mom...???

Tribble said...

oh and i think you should've had a huge party like at christmas or something. with like pix of food and stuff. and people getting virtually drunk and dancing with lampshades on their heads. good times... good times...

Dawn Anon said...

ah well.. i typed one looooooong answer, then lost it trying to sign in.

to summarize... been a lurker for a little while. Found your blog by following links from comments on other blogs (Holly's? Patricia's?). Kept coming back because our humor seems to be similar as well as some of our interests. And heck yes, i'm a hick. How couldn't i be? Born in Iowa, grew up in rural indiana, and now living in Baltimore, Md. How hickish do you think i seem to everyone??? haha!

Dawn Anon said...

Happy Blogiversary!

Heidi said...

Happy Blogiversary!!!

Wow! 3 Years! I'm not sure I have an attention span long enough to blog for that long!

Well, I found you because apparently I crawled out of my shell and commented on someone's blog (Nathan's, I believe) and you came to my blog to say hi, since we are kindred-name-spirits.

You were my first commenter, my first blog-buddy, and as such have a very special place in my blog heart!

Without you, there'd be no four corners, no Oprah, no couch jumping.

So thanks. From the bottom of my bloggy heart. That comment changed my life.

CindyDianne said...

Happy Blogiversary from Branson, Missouri!

Lynn Sinclair said...

I'm here because ... I'm your friend. Oh, and for my weekly dose of Johnny.

My favourite posts are the ones that let me know you're still sending out those queries, still writing and remaining optimistic.

Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Happy 3rd blogiversary you hick chic you.
I found you through Her Indoors LOL, who found you via Biddie.
I am still here because of the way you write, you bring your life to life if you know what I mean.
favourate post....... all of them, so keep at it Heidi x

millhousethecat said...

OK, OK, I missed the anniversary by one day, but I swear it was because I was trying to come up with some way to knock my class' socks off with an interactive science lesson on matter.

But enough about me...Happy YOU!

I think you might have found me first. Or I saw a comment of yours on another blog...either way, I stop by almost every day to see what's happening. I love to read about your personal triumphs (and trials), your family, and your writing pursuits.

Plus, who doesn't like a little Johnny every Friday?

Heidi the Hick said...

I have awesome blogbuddies!

misty said...

I'm a recent lurker from Arkansas. I found your blog when I did a search for women's coveralls! Loved your rant about your quest to find a pair that actually fit. I'm a maintenance mechanic in a factory that most third world countries would be ashamed of. We make glass jars, etc. and I sweat to death in the summer and freeze my ass off all winter! I read some more of your posts and liked your humor. Also, your struggle with depression and whether or not to medicate is something I can identify with. I have anxiety problems off and on, and have dealt with winter depression for years. I tend toward not medicating the anxiety and just try to work through the issues causing it, but sometimes I do have to take the pills to make it through a long gray winter. We all have to just find our own way to deal that works for us!

Balloon Pirate said...

I have no idea how I got here. I think that you found me first, and commented on a post I made when I was in my 'angry politics' phase. I'm guessing you found me through a comment on another blog--possibly Colleen's.

But that's just a guess. Glad I met ya, though. And even though my blog's 'gone dark,' I still think about you and your family.


Real Live Lesbian said...

I have no idea how I got here...probably your name! I'm a hick, too!

My favorite post was the pink hair! You are consistently funny and honest. I like that.

LadyBronco said...

Heidi ~

I am so sorry I missed the actual blogiversary! It looks like you had a nice turnout. :o)

I think I meandered on over to your blog after you left a comment in mine - probably originally via Pat Wood's blog. I keep coming back because you are funny, witty, brutally honest, and you love Johnny!

And besides, where else can I relate to someone going through a lot of the same stuff I am, but with so much more panache than I could ever hope to muster?

Look forward to three times three times three more, ma'am! Here's to getting our stories published one day!

Elizabeth said...

I missed the blogiversary, but thought I'd chime in.

I think I was following blog links and saw yours listed on one, liked the name, and saw Johnny. Oh Johnny. I love Johnny.

Happy 3rd blogiversary!

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