Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Yellow raincoat (dirty)

orange T shirt

black cowboy boots, size 8 (too big for me, too tight for Bucky)

black paddock boots, size 8 (often worn by the Girl)

English spurs (supposed to be attached to above boots but often go astray)

splint boots (black) (double velcro closures) (splint boots go on a horse's front legs for support and protection)

chaps (brown suede, one blue stain from first aid ointment, no fringe, extremely well worn)

Troxel All Trails helmet in box (sand colour, fits both Girl and I)
(box also contains horse show numbers)

rear view mirror (fell off the windshield in a mid-summer heat wave)

towel (never know when you'll need it- but you will)

western spurs (knob end, no rowels, dark brown straps)

the weatherstripping from the driver's side door (gah.)

three empty juice boxes  (why don't I just throw them in the garbage???)

small grey and black fake leather cowboy boots (never know when you're gonna meet up with a tiny bootless cowboy)

a crushed straw hat  (don't worry, it's a cheapie - not my Stetson!)

black John Deere ball cap

kleenex box


bandanna (purple, handy for covering mouth and nose to keep dust out, tying around neck like a scarf, or over head to keep hay out of hair)

work gloves (don't even think of working in or around a barn without them!)

** the preceding list does not include horse hair, dog hair, human hair, hay chaff, chip crumbs, granola bar crumbs, or various types of grit, sand, or dirt.  Not to mention the occasional microscopic particles of horse dung.  Maybe I should vacuum my truck.

My first truck didn't have a back seat.  If I remember correctly, there was only room for me in the cab of that old Chevy.


CindyDianne said...

Fun post. I like your list of stuff.

Jethro said...

Conspicuously absent?

-overstuffed wallet full of receipts (too big to put in pocket) but no money
-tangled mess of partially working iPhone headphones that went through washer AND dryer twice
-extra dog leash
-dried boogers
-gross, disgusting dog chewies that really stink (but you-know-who still drags them around)
-door pockets full of unlabeled CDR's
-massive secret stash of drive-thru serviettes
-unredeemed 'Roll-Up-The-Rim-To-Lose" lame coffee or doughnut prizes that have long expired
-ashtray full of (sticky) change
-collection of broken knobs from car stereo
-expired parking slips jammed in every crevasse


Do I win? What do I win?


Heidi the Hick said...

Cindy, does your truck look like mine?

Heidi the Hick said...


Jethro, you win!

(You left out the dog hair)

(and the scraper brush jammed under the seat)

Yep, you win. Grand prize is... My undying adoration.

Wash your hands first though. Your car is a mess. Thanks.


Heidi the Hick said...

Oh yeah, the crushed water bottle collection.

Jethro, honey, make sure you have a clean car... in case you get in an accident.

I'll laugh if the car comes back from the body shop all clean inside! WHERE'S THE MUFFIN WRAPPER COLLECTION???!!!!???


Your permanent passenger and occasional designated driver

Jethro said...

Gah! The ice scraper! Damn. I lose?

Seriously. What if the collision shop appoints some apprentice to 'detail' the customer's car before they return it? Aaaaggggghhhhh! This is worse than not having clean underwear, and being in an auto accident.

Nightmares, all week...

All for a lousy crumpled grille.

CindyDianne said...

Very similar! Though, I'd need to also inventory the bags of stuff I took out but have not waded through. They are sitting at the end of the garage. They like it there.

JKB said...

LOL! This seems a very comprehensive list! You will now be equipped to ride a horse just about anywhere.

Although I am missing a horse blanket and saddle. Come on, it's only two more things!

Heidi the Hick said...

Oh Jkb! I should have done this list two days ago...

I had my old saddle in the back seat too! It smelled awesome in the truck. hahaha! No seriously. Leather and horse sweat. My favourite!

pseudosu said...

Yay for messy cars / trucks!
I like to think all the crap in mine provides an additional layer of protection-- kind of like airbags. In the event of an accident all the detritus will huddle around you shielding you from harm-- although the spurs could be problematic...

Holly Kennedy said...

Oooooh, a kindred spirit!

I open my car door and cringe while stuff falls out all over the driveway. My husband gets totally disgusted. I say who has time to keep a clean vehicle -- I barely manage with the kids, my writing career and feeding the family.

You go, girl.

coffeypot said...

Yep! Sounds about right for a working truck. What's the problem. If you toss out any of the stuff, you will need it the next day.

Olly said...

What? No broken umbrellas? No backseat is complete without one.

Train Wreck said...

Hi found you on my friend right over to the left. "Cindydianne" I liked you blog name, I decided to come over and see who's it was! Great post! Oh you don't want to know what is in my truck. LOL!

Real Live Lesbian said...

I'm reformed...but in the past, my cars have looked like the aftermath of a tornado!

Too funny!