Friday, September 12, 2008

You can always trust a plaid-wearing guy with a mustache, right?


Oh look!  He's baaaaaaack!  It appears that with summer winding down and regular life gearing up, we're back to JOHNNY FRIDAYS!  You missed him, didn't you?  I know you did.  All summer you were like, "Okay Heidi, that's really nice that you got to spend time with your horses, and yeah your dog is real cute and funny and all, and it's so nice that your dad got three kittens for his barn."

Oh, I didn't tell you about the kittens?  The 3 Stooges?  Well I'll have to get busy with that.

Anyways, you all were saying, "Yeah whatevs.  You're sending off your little book to your little agents and they've all got their little glasses and little iPhones and WHERE'S JOHNNY?"

I don't know exactly, because I gave him the summer off.  I'm sure he and Vanessa and the younguns were off on their island, or on their really big boat, playing rockstar-pirate-princess-veterinarian-cowboy.  Heck if I was wealthy I'd do that all day.  Ideally I'd get paid to do that.  But I digress.  The important thing is, my Muse has come back to me, and just as I have for... awhile now... I'll find some way to work this guy into my Friday blog post.  It's just what I do.  I go that extra mile for you guys.  Actually I only feature Johnny for my own happiness, but I do think we all benefit.  

Oh by the way, not that I'm keeping track, but I think the tattoo count is up to:

Johnny: 14
Heidi: 0

And something I am keeping careful track of...the Agent search is up to:
queries sent: 21
rejections: 18

That means I still got three left who might say yes!  Optimism, people.  It's really just thinly disguised stubbornness.  


Happy weekend folks!


JKB said...

Oh HAI, Johnny.

(He spent the summer over at my house. I decided to share him with you again).

So when are you sending out the next 50??


pseudosu said...

Oh we benefit too... Muchas gracias.
Gee, and all I do fri's is "lyrics pick of the week". Maybe I should "man up". (haha)
About the queries-- tell me you're not quitting if you get 3 more "no's". I've heard 50 isn't that unusual. Don't give up!

Anonymous said...

too right don't give up on the Agent search, you would never give up on Johnny now would you!

Heidi said...

oooh! Johnny Friday's are back! I did miss them!

I love how good you sound in this post... happy and lively and fun and so you!

In the scope of things, 18 is just a drop in the bucket! Here's hoping the last three see the genius of TROUBLE, and if they don't, one of the next 21 you query. It's coming for you... I feel it!

(And next week I should be ready to query, so you'll have a partner in misery - I mean, in optimism!)

Heidi the Hick said...

JKB- Your pool must be very clean after his busy summer... (did he let you call him Benicio???? hee hee hee!)

Next 50 -- comin' up!

Pseudo, I must come check out your lyrics. And be assured that I'm not considering quitting any time soon. I'm really only getting started here!)

Katy, my dear, you are so right. I would never give up on him!

Heidi- yep, 18 is a drop in the ocean!! I've been so careful and hesitant with this thing but the good news is I'm getting up some guts.

I really was feeling good when I wrote this post -- I'd had a great ride earlier, in fact I had a nice understanding breakthrough and finally got that big ol horse to do a move I'd been having a hard time with -- and the weather was perfect. That does help the mood thing, no doubt! Misery/ Optimism. Hey whatever works, right?

Berthddu Suit said...

Mmmmmm Johnny Depp. Thanks!

Heidi the Hick said...

You're welcome!