Friday, June 20, 2008

The Friday Report, Starring my Imaginary Twin Half-Brother Separated at Birth Seven and a Half Years Apart

So I haven't been sleeping well this week.  I'm not sure who's fault it is; mine? Jethro's?  Effexor's?  Nigel's?  Dobby's?  Does it matter?  At least I haven't been having those horrific nightmares like I have for the last couple of months.  It ain't fun waking up in a cold sweat with vague foggy impressions of sheer terror.  It makes me want to sleep with one eye open, gripping my pillow tight!

I wake up in the morning feeling kind of disoriented, tired, and confused.  I'm often left wondering exactly what the heck is going on in my brain.  

But, the last couple of nights I've been back to my totally normal vivid dreams in which everything makes perfect nonsense!  I was driving my old '76 Nova again!  Man, I loved that car. Too bad about that rust around the windshield.  I mean, any autobody guy will look at that and go, nuh uh.  But I can still drive it in my dreams, with Led Zeppelin blasting out the windows. That's why dreams are often better than real life.  (I only had an AM radio in that car.)  So I was singing along to The Ocean, at the part about the Girl Who Won My Heart, and hot damn I was singing goooood.  I parked the car in an orchard and sat through a wicked good rainstorm.  It was awesome.  Then there was some stuff about a castle and a ballroom and a really big dress.  It was veddy veddy mahvelous.  

And I cannot tell the rest.  Sorry.

So anyways, on Sunday, which happened to be Father's Day, our kids took part in their spring piano recital.  It's become very clear to us that the Boy is a freakin star.  He has no microphone fear, which is partly a result of being a recording engineer's son.  We were so proud of him, because when he made a mistake, he kept playing like nothing happened.  And the Girl?  No mistakes. Perfection.  We're beaming with pride.

I'm so glad we got that piano.  I love it.  But I have to tell you, I do not allow piano abuse.  If I ever catch you dangling a cigarette over my piano, so help me, I will yell that thing right outta your pretty mouth.  I'm serious.  I don't care how pretty or enticing or smooth or intelligent or funny and gorgeous you are - NOBODY disrespects my piano like that.  

I'm serious!  Stop lookin at me like that.  

Music lessons have been a financial strain, but, like my all encompassing horse addiction, we suffer to pay for it.  We do without cable TV and video games and sometimes things like um, new clothes.  We gotta have the horses and the music.  The Girl, with her Apocalyptica obsession, has become totally enamoured with Metallica's black album and decided to learn those big heavy ballads.  Jimmy, the best music teacher in the world, happens to have the sheet music for The Unforgiven, which made the Girl shriek all the way home from her lesson last night.

And she's decided that she's going to learn guitar.  And violin.  And cello.  I told her she better practice that piano more often.  And learn how to tune things with strings.  And please play more music for me because I love it.

I might even pick up that guitar again.  It's been years and years since I played my six chords over and over.  All my left fingertip callouses are gone.  

There's a "rock band" at the Girl's school, and I keep ranting to her that it's ALL BOYS.  Like the boys get to play guitars on the school gym's stage, and the girls are supposed to stand there and get all moony eyed at them.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.  I myself am a moony eyed girl.  Still, after all these years.  But geez man, it's 2008.  Can we get the girls on the stage too?  Girls can play instruments!!  My kid is so naturally talented and I'm like, "If I could sing and play like you, you think I'd be doing this?  Well okay I probably still would be but use your voice kid!  Rock like God meant you to!!!"

But she's fourteen and is spending a lot of time working on her giggling, hand flapping, eye rolling, shrieking, jumping up and down skills.  So, like, obvi, she's really busy.

Johnny Depp got a new tattoo.  I think it's intriguing.  I like tattoos but my husband doesn't want me to permanently mark up my perfect skin.  I guess we'll just have to content ourselves with drawing triangles between all my moles and freckles.  I still want a tattoo of a red Arabian horse though.  

Apparently Johnny's new tat is from a James Joyce novel.  Wow, the guy gets classic literature tattooed onto his arm.  I am... speechless.

And THIS.  THIS is just... I mean... the car and the... I mean, I'm not so much a girl that gets all silly about the white shirt-waistcoat combo but... with the car and... y'know?????

(So add this to my list of Movies I Must See.)

Cuz you know I'm more of the "I like 'em scruffy and pretty" type.  D'you see what I mean?  This has nothing to do with my Friday report but I just really like this picture.  And it's my blog so I can do what I want with it, mwa ha ha ha ha!  

My husband is especially scruffy and pretty this week. Scruffy because he has been at work so much that he hasn't had time to shave. Pretty because of those long black eyelashes...

You know, I had a brown fedora when I was about The Girl's age.  I got it from my Grandpa and it was a bit too big for me, but I wore it like crazy for a phase.  I thought I was so cool.  I'm pretty sure I wore it with my blue plaid shirt too.  

I did not look this cool in it though.  More like, giggling, hand flapping, eye rolling, shrieking, jumping up and down kind of cool.  Maybe not cool at all.  Hard to say, now that I look back more than twenty years! 

Now I'm mostly just barn clothes wearing, tired eyed, greasy haired, and full of things I have to do.   
I was driving out to the Little Valley this week in my pickup truck to teach a lesson - yes, my first unsupervised lesson!!! - and I was thinking, really, that despite all of my freakouts and depressions and stresses and that irritating unwanted mental commentary that cycles through my brain all day... my life has some serious shining bright spots.

Then I looked around and realized that I was a few miles further down the road than I expected to be and wondered how long I'd been lost in thought.  

Okay, this again has nothing to do with my week but does anybody else feel as bothered by a drip on ice cream in the corner of somebody else's mouth? Just asking.

Okay, I'm done.  I must spend some time with Jethro before he blasts off to the studio again, and I head out to the Little Valley for an afternoon of observing riding lessons, cutting up branches, pulling weeds, and riding a horse or two.  What's your week been like and what's your weekend shaping up to be?


Biddie said...

LOL. I have no idea how you keep all of that straight in your head!
I wish that I had half of the talent that your kids do. Really. Honestly.
My dreams are always the same. They may vary a bit, but basically the same.
Zombies, vampires, and people chasing me. Sometimes I dream of long puffy dresses, too, but still, I am running from the zombies. Once in awhile, there is someone else with me.
Once, it was Drew Carey and he was naked. Another time it was Bob Barker. How weird is that? Or, sometimes, one of the guys from As The World Turns.
Once. I was kissing Keanu Reeves.
Guess I will be seeing you soon? We bought some nice thick juicy burgers. And Ice cream. You have to get here soon tho, or the ice cream will be gone.
We are bad like that :)

Heidi the Hick said...

Hey, we'll just have to buy more ice cream!

I get the chasing dreams a lot too. But where's Keanu when I need him? I guess I shouldnt complain because I do get Brad and Johnny. Just not at the same time necessarily.

Drew didn't scare the zombies away? I mean, you'd think, right?

I gotta get my ass out to the barn or I'm not gonna get anything done!

Anonymous said...

I just got to ask how come you never duplicate a Johhny picture!

The Manic Street Preacher said...

Dreams mean your mind is full of ideas and you're full of life so don't knock 'em. Even the dodgy ones.

Would I be right in thinking you quite like Mr Depp then? He seems to pop up occasionally ;-)

Olly said...

I used to always have the same dream. Riding on a city bus and looking down to discover that I'm naked. PANIC!

Have a great weekend!

Smartypants said...

Hey girl, I'm still alive. = )

Anita said...

My dreams are almost always like movies, I'm not in them, no one I know is in them, it's just like watching really strange movies...
When I AM in them, more often than not the only other people who are are people who aren't in my life anymore...

Wonderful pictures, as always.. wouldn't be Friday without them...

dilling said...

whew....what a whirlwind

Tribble said...

i think you should have more metallica lyrics on your blog. for example the chorus from the unforgiven. teehee..

why is it called "the" unforgiven when it actually says "thee" unforgiven in it??????

Heidi the Hick said...

Tribble, thou art far more analytical of thy heavy metal than thou hast reason to be.

(That's been buggin me for over 15 years... "dub thee unforgiven"?????? Huh???? Those wacky speed metal guys, eh?)

Tribble said...


my friend thinks that guy's emo.

Tribble said...

OMG i just realized the first comment i posted was at 7:27!!!!!!

Heidi the Hick said...


(I still don't get it.) (What's the significance of 27?)

You're a weird and wonderful kid y'know. And it's totally weird that we communicate by blog when we're IN THE SAME HOUSE!!!!!!

Quit reading over my shoulder, Tribble.

Tribble said...

i don't either

it isnt at all weird

i will not

Heidi the Hick said...


Obvi! Oh em gee.

Tribble said...

double-yoo tee eff!!!


Heidi the Hick said...

You take after your mother!!!!

A Paperback Writer said...

Whoa. Johnny fix.
Must be Friday.

Now, music lessons instead of video games for your kids? You rock, mother woman!!!
Way to go! Can you give motherhood lessons to some women who are the moms of kids I teach? They could stand to learn a few things from you.

I dropped over today because I was scrounging through the "sale" table at a local independent bookstore and saw a calendar called "horsewoman." It made me think of you. go figure.
Hope you have more of those princess dreams.

Biddie said...

I also have that dream where I am in grade 9 at youknowwhatschool and I can't remember my locker combo.
Weird, cuz I still have that lock,and after 20+ years, I DO know the combo.
Still can't recall where I left my glasses or why I went to the kitchen, but the nubers for a 20 yr old lock?
I know those...

Heidi the Hick said...

hahaha, high school nightmares... those are classic. I still have those. Like, twenty years, can you please get over that now??? I don't remember my lock combo though. I barely remember the phone # I've had for the last 11 years.

APW- More princess dreams? Yeah but I'll probably be a princess driving a pickup truck, or an old GM land yacht!! Just this morning I was dreaming that I was driving something with bad brakes, and I was trying to stop it by sitting back and putting my weight into my heels, like I'd stop a horse without pulling on the reins. Oddly in dreams this works. Dream physics are great.

As for skipping the video games... the kids don't practice music as much as I'd like. They don't watch much TV (I'm pathetic and we watch um, singing and dancing shows) but my main struggle is limiting computer time. They both have gmail and little fun websites, and they love garage band and iMovie. I like it that they're doing something creative and interactive instead of being entertained at, but it's still sitting at a screen. I give them 20 minutes a day and they push it for all it's worth.

At least the weather's good now so I can yell them outside!

Trailboss said...

I wonder too how you never duplicate a picture of Johnny.

Balloon Pirate said...

Men's soccer game Friday night. Women's soccer game Saturday night. Watching the Pastor's kids 2-4 Saturday. Meetings Saturday AM and Sunday noon. Mow the lawn, wash the dishes, do the laundry. Ride bikes. Church Sunday afternoon.

How many Depp pictures do you have for those obligations?

Do you have them categorized and cross-referenced?

Maybe I should start illustrating my stories with Jennifer Aniston.


LadyBronco said...

I am totally drooling at the sight of the 1920's version of Mr. Depp.


Way to go mom, making sure the Girl keeps pursuing her music. She will be a very happy adult, methinks, because of it! (And my oldest now is totally into Apocalyptica - many thanks for turning us onto that fantastic group.)

Hope you're still enjoying that fantastic yellow kitchen, Heidi!


Heidi the Hick said...

Yeah! I'm glad my cozy yellow kitchen is still tidy after 5 days. This has to be a good sign!

In case ya all are wondering, I can't tell you how many pictures I have. A stupid amount. It's embarrassing. I mean, I do know how many I have but I can't tell because I won't!

I have silly titles for most of them. Sometimes it takes an hour to put together a Friday post because I get one picture on twice and have to go back and take it out. Maybe I should just do a post with the same picture repeated four times, which I've done. Laaaaaazy.

But Pirate, I'm a little concerned about JA now that she appears to be going out with an adorable weed head musician. She might start going out in public looking a little... heavy lidded, you could say... but that would make for interesting illustrations for your blog posts, not?

Fifi Flowers said...

nice collection of Johnny!

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