Monday, June 02, 2008

Drivin' with Dobby

At first, we were all proper and safety conscious about it.  We heard the horror stories about dogs thrown through windshields in collisions.  We knew that the dog should be in the back seat or hatch with a net to keep him out of the passenger area.  We even started off buckling him in by his harness.  But he's a dog.  He wants to stand on his four legs to balance himself, and get a noseful of fresh air from the dash vents.

And, you know, rest his chin on his human-mommy's knee. 

(In the truck last week... yeah I also drive with one hand resting casually on the steering wheel, and have a bunch of junk hanging off the gear shift lever.  And often, a Pug squished up beside me.)

Even though the truck has a backseat, I've given up on making him stay there.  It's not like he can see out the windows, but he's a DOG and how can you not have a dog riding in the front seat of a pickup truck?  It's only natural, not?

In the Jetta, he gets the middle of the back seat.  He's got a kid on each side, and the central vents aimed at his little flat face.  

Duuuuude.  No wonder he gets all excited when asked if he wants to go on a car ride.  


JKB said...

Seriously - that second picture from the last?


What an absolutely darling animal. LOL

Does his breath stink?

Heidi the Hick said...

Oh yeah, his breath stinks... He's a dog!

The rest of him smells pretty good though. Salty paws.

I love him lots. Can't imagine life without him!!!!

The Manic Street Preacher said...

I'm in love with a pug...

dilling said...

eem-er just falls asleep...like a baby....just about wherever you put her.

coffeypot said...

He's a mighty cute little dawg there, missy. But you must be more careful in breaking with him standing up in the car seat. He looks like he has hit the dashboard a few times already.

rain said...

Does he make snurfly pug dog noises?

Heidi the Hick said...

Rain, yes, he does make snurfly pug noises! And that's the word we use to describe it too! Or Schnarfy. That's a good one too.

Every sniff comes with a grunt.

Actually he has an extensive vocabulary of grunts, sniffs, burps, groans, whines, ruffs, and a weird raccoon-like shriek. Never boring.

Coffeypot... hahaha!

captain corky said...

Dogs have all the fun!

Heidi the Hick said...

Not only do they have all the fun, but there is no such thing as a bad smell for a dog!

Olly said...

What? No car rides for the cat?

Heidi the Hick said...

Funny you should ask... when we first got the cat, he was a real road warrior. He'd ride on the headrest sometimes. We used to put his litter box on the floor of the backseat on one side of the transmission hump and his food and water bowl on the other side, in case we had to stop somewhere.

Eventually we had a baby and felt that we had to cage him in the car.

He's not crazy about being caged but now that he's so old, he just settles in. He's safe from the obnoxious dog that way. And he knows when we're almost at our destination, every time.

When ALL of us go on a car trip, the cat's in between the kids in the backseat, and the dog has to ride in the hatch! bwahahaha!

Anissa said...

What a happy little guy! So cute.

Anita said...

He's just so darn cool... :)