Friday, May 23, 2008

Less than a half hour left of FRIDAY!

WHAT THE HECK??????        Friday's almost over??????

Where did it go????  I mean, no wonder I'm tired.  I blinked and all of a sudden the day's over!

Every morning I chase my lovely kids out of the house, then retreat to my bedroom, where this morning my husband snored away like an old John Deere tractor.  Somehow the Pug had already worked his way up onto the bed.  I've been forcing myself to eat breakfast.  I tell myself that I will not bring it back up again, that I haven't, even though I've felt like I would, and that sometimes you just have to eat.  Or you will starve.  After the food and the big red pills are all down, the nausea hits.  I prop myself up on my pillows and read for awhile.  

Around 10 am I'm feeling like I can get on with my day.  Jethro had only come home at 5 am, so I left him there for another hour.  I did some laundry, washed some dishes, then got caught up in a full blown ADD distraction which ended up involving vinegar, baking soda, a can of Comet, a rag, a scrubby pad, and the stove top.  It got crazy, but it all ended up okay.  I had to go sit down for a few minutes to recover.  

Jethro shuffled down the hall, gave me a big hug, and told me that this week was really bad and next week won't be so bad. I told him he said that last week too.  Then his cell phone rang.  

It all got much better around noon, because I had a special visit planned.  A good friend that I hadn't seen in five years came to see me!  This is the kind of friendship that clicks into place effortlessly.  We had a lot of catching up to do, but it was like we were right back there.  These are the people we tend to keep, even if there are periods of distance.  I turn into a hermit at times... those who love me know that I sometimes disappear.  The friends I love the most are the ones who can accept me that way, and they're the ones who I feel like I can be myself with.  

I often feel like I'm not so good at being a good friend.  

Luckily, I still have the ones who count.


Taught my second 3-kids-riding-lesson.  It was much better than the first one.  I still need to get better at keeping everybody from riding their horses into each other.  Geez.  Two horse lengths, kids, two horse lengths between horses.  I watch one kid, then I look up and one kid's letting his horse plow right into the other one.  But, it was less chaotic than the first one.  Things are looking up.  Plus, Bucky said this lesson didn't suck.  

You know what?  Considering how I need to focus on those tiny steps right now rather than complain about the lack of big steps... I'll take DIDN'T SUCK as a positive. 

Thanks, Bucky.  

After I sent the two grubby 11 year old boys out into the bush to poke things with twigs, my Girl and I had a little loping lesson.  I'm so proud of her.  She just keeps trying, no excuses, no complaining, just up and at it.  

Aaaaand I forgot to feed them supper.  Gah.  I forgot to feed my kids.  I wasn't hungry.  I'm so thankful to them that they didn't just start gnawing on my arms.  Poor kids.  We ate supper at about 9 pm.  They don't hate me despite that.  Lucky me.

So... goodnight...


Nicole said...

Aw, shoot. I forget to feed my kids all the time.


Seriously, congrats on the group lesson. I know how tough those can be. Fun, though, in an edge-of-your seat/bumper car kind of way.

I know what you mean about those pick-up-where-you-left-off friendships, too. I'm blessed with a few.

dilling said...

I have quite a few of those friendships, actually....and we don't normally eat until around 9 so I don't think that's forgetting...just a different clock. If they were really hungry, wouldn't they tell ya?

Sandra Ree said...

That's the thing about children, they love you no matter what. :)

FOOLS GOLD said...

you mean you gotta feed the kids shoot that is were I am going wrong lol.

Olly said...

Maybe the kids should be the ones making dinner. Their old enough, right? Although, all mine would make would be chicken strips and perogies, lol.

Biddie said...

We have late suppers all of the time around here. Not like we plan it that way, it just happens that way. Besides, you are the one that reminded me that the kids can feed themselves sometimes. They really will if they are hungry enough. I am actually going to start having each girl make a meal once a week.
Anyway, a late meal is nothing. You rock in so many other ways.
I know what you mean about those friendships. Heather and I have lost contact a hundred times, and we just pick up where we left off.
Seems to me that you and I have done that a couple of times. That is REAL friendship.
I am so curious about your long lost friend. I am soo nosy.
Yay on your lessons. I know how hard you have been working on that...I also know how difficult it can be to leave the house some days, so for you, it seems like a HUGE accomplishment.
Ok. Gotta go. Need to get some food for that feeding frenzy that will happen in a couple of hours.
Oh, btw, Shawn and I had an idea about a wee little gift for a certain girl that will graduate from grade 8 this year.....I'll have to chat with you about it :)

Heidi the Hick said...

Yeah, my kids are gonna do some meal planning and prep this week. I MIGHT eat. haha.