Friday, April 25, 2008

End of the Week Recap, featuring Johnny Depp

I really have no reason to post pix of my favourite actor (other than Daffy Duck) except that I'm a little brain-scrambled today. Good enough?

So, pick your favourite topic...

!) I have been on horseback three times this week and plan another ride tonight. I've ridden Bo twice and Skyla, My Current Favourite Pony, once. (What a difference! Big n Little!) I'm teaching a lesson tonight for three kids. Two are mine. I'm thinking it's going to be a half hour lesson... any longer my brain will be blown.

@) You know how Daffy always gets his beak blown sideways, or around the back of his head? And sometimes gets all his feathers blasted off? Dude, he does all his own stunts. Amazing!

#) I need a job. I need money. But if I get a job, I won't have time to ride, practice for my Level 4 Rider test, and get teaching hours. It also means less writing time. So I don't get a job. And we're broke. I'm really hoping to start getting paid for some of my stuff.

$) The trees are budding. Oh sweet relief.

%) Ha ha. Re-leaf.

^) Johnny is shooting a movie about notorious bank robber John Dillinger. He's shaved off his sparse straggly piratey beard (I love the straggly piratey beard, sighhhh), and cut his hair. He looks like 25 again. I wonder if I'd look 25 again if I shaved off my mustache. Um...

Apparently, this movie will also feature the deliciousness of Christian Bale and the exquisite Marion Cotillard. Interesting... a flick Jethro and I can both agree on. Eye candy all 'round!

(Not like I can afford to see any movies these days...)

&) I was going to send off my query to Big Canadian Agency. I printed the query, synopsis and requested 50 pages. The printer ran out of ink. I got into bed the other morning with the cat, dog, and snoring husband after the kids went to school. Started reading, just to make sure everything was okay. Found a mistake in the query. Found something I wanted to change in the synopsis. Wanted to change a few words in the manuscript. Got kind of dizzy. Wondered if I'm just being paranoid. Decided that no, it has to be the best I can make it, and I have to change a few things. Felt guilty about wasting the paper. Became overpowered by all the snoring in the bed... drifted off to sleep... woke up believing that SOME THINGS ARE BEST NOT RUSHED. So after I change the ink cartridge, I'll be doing a couple of fixups. It's worth it. Right? Right????

*) My dog has really stinky farts. I love him, don't get me wrong, but man. Nasty. Good thing he's so charming. I tell Jethro the same thing, oddly enough.

Okay. That's all for now. Talk amongst yourselves!


dilling said...

When Johnny was 25 he looked 16...
my dog was particularly stinky last night, too...i hope it's out of her system now.
i need a damn job, too. c'mon immigration, i need money...
happy weekend, heidi

Heidi the Hick said...

I know, when I was 25 I looked 16 too. It runs in the family. SNORT, PFFFT, HAHAHAHAHA!

what is going on with stinky dog farts? He farted on my arm a few minutes ago! He came up on the couch, turned around three times, curled up, sniffed his paws, closed his eyes and squeaked out of his butt. Right against my arm. I felt it. Then he looked at me like I'm supposed to think it's cute!

Darn pug!

(keeping my cosmic fingers crossed for our collective incomes. It's gotta get better!!)

You have a happy weekend too, Dilling!

JKB said...

Oh my goodness, Johnny and Christian Bale in the same movie. Be STILL my heart. :)

You are doing the right thing to read it before you send it. Don't want to make any mistakes. Use this opportunity to go through that stuff with a fine toothed comb, get it all pretty and send that baby out.

I don't have any stinky dogs for stinky dog farts but I can laugh and say omg how gross.

Happy Friday!

Anita said...

That movie has GOT to be good, right? Great theme, AMAZING eye candy!

My dog is the same... only he weighs about 100 pounds, so he's got REALLY powerful dog farts...

Johnny is still Johnny, but I MISS THE HAIR!!

Have a great weekend... :)

Olly said...

Yep, you want to make sure everything is perfect before you send it off. There was a commercial a few years back. A couple with about a few thousand copies of a letter they had printed reading "Dear Sir and Madman". My husband, an ex-printer, loved it!

No stinky dogs here. But I bet my cat could compete once in a while! Have a great weekend!

Are you sure Daffy did his own stunts?

Real Live Lesbian said...

Geez...musta been something in the air...both of my pups were stinkin' the place UP!

I'm enjoying the Johnny pics. Probably a tad too much considering.

Heidi said...

Definitely take your time. You only have once chance to make that impression. A couple days (or more if necessary) won't kill it.

I had the same problem... I think I rushed it. I'm being more cautious this time around.

billie said...

Enjoy all the riding and take your time with the novel query. All the agents will still be there tomorrow, next week, next month.

Lynn Sinclair said...

It's worth it. Right? Right????


Biddie said...

Your dog has BAD,BAD,BAD, farts. Like OHMYGAWD kinda farts. But I still love him.
You really did look 16 when you were 25. Actually, you only look 25 now and you are...Oh crap, I always forget...
I am not a Christian Bale fan, but I am not a NON fan, either. I did like him in that Batman movie. I will probably see the new movie anyway, cuz, really, do I have a choice? Kayla has Sweeney Todd here, I still haven't seen it...
I know that the whole money thing sucks right now..Is there something that you can do like one day a week or something that would get you a couple of extra bucks? Dunno...Sometimes something like that pops up. Are you ready to work again? Don't put too much on your plate, you have enough going on.
One of these days, your stuff will be on book shelves everywhere, and all of these hardships will just be a memory.
I know it.