Friday, March 21, 2008

Wait For It

Today's post will be resented in point form with random pictures of my favourite actor. No not Daffy Duck. The other favourite.

-have not puked. Thought I would. Didn't.

-do not like drugs

-I am a bit of a mess.

-today is better than yesterday


-managed to work on synopsis of novel.... doesn't require physical exertion

-must get dressed

-should take a bath

-gotta wash dishes too. Can't find any pictures of dishwashing, sorry.

-have these instead

-good friday. Never seemed so good to me. But symbolically...



-I'll get to church on Sunday
-more snow will melt slowly
-these drugs will end up being very good for me and I won't be feeling barfy OR depressed anymore.

-and I'll be able to ride and not get dizzy and fall off


don't move too fast.

easy there.

must go drink more water.


jules said...

I think I need a bath too! ;o)

Good luck with the drugs. Take it slow and easy, give yourself a chance to get used to them.

Don't fall off your horse! Stay ON the horse.

Off to bathe now!

justyna said...

Hi Heidi, just wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you and sending some good thoughts your way. Glad that you are trying to tackle things, and moving forward. We have been on holiday this past while (sun, sand, breezes, headaches, burns, upset tummies, oversleeping, overdoing it...soaking it all in, and getting ready to head back to Ontario-winter was tough this year...wish I could grab some sun and send it to you). And oh yeah, go get your hair cut girl, and don't forget the pink!

JKB said...

I'll second all your hopes too.

THinking of you a lot over here.

Hope the drugs kick in in the right way soon. You're gonna be okay. The book will find an agent, and you'll stop being barfy.

I know it. :)

CindyDianne said...


If it helps... I tried to take a bath. Ran out of hot water. Must remember can not take bath in new house after Trevor showers.

Novel synopsis? That is so much more than I got done this week.

Feel better!

Dr. Medusa said...

Thanks for the Johnny pics. I am thinking of you. Good luck with the pillios and have a good weekend.

(Oh, and I second justyna's suggestion to cut & pink.)

Heidi said...

Wow... those are some HOT photos! Maybe you should just use those for drugs!

Seriously, if you are hunting Johnny photos, you must be a little okay.

Great wishes for a great new future!


Hey! My drugs have a similar effect, or at least they probably would if I could get on a horse...

Take yer time babe. You'll feel fine soon. Just stare at JD pics for a while eh?

Anita said...

fabulous pics as always...

justyna and Dr. Medusa are right... It's all about the pink... keeping you in prayer...

Have a Great Easter... :)

terry said...

hang in there.... it WILL get better.

sending good thoughts your way...

Lynn Sinclair said...

Hell, if you can't find a picture of him doing dishes then that might mean he doesn't do them. I'll just have to strike Johnny off my list of "perfect men".

Spring is around the corner -- warmth, colour and sunshine.

katy said...

Sad but true, I don't have a bath just a wet room so miss a bath :(

ps sorry but i wasn't quick enough to take the photo of his house in Hollywood for you but it looked real good

it will get better every day x

A Paperback Writer said...

Happy Easter!
I posted a bunch of stuff on small towns in Utah on my blog. C'mon over and have a look.
When I was visiting the Silver Sage Cafe in Vernon, Utah (population about 450 on a good day), I saw a sign that made me think of you. It said, "Welcome to the Silver Sage, where we know your name and your horse's name, too."
Thanks for the Johnny pics. :)

Why? said...

How are you feeling now? I hope that it is getting a little better everyday.
What gives with the bathrobe and boots? Is that a look that I can pull off?
(Biddie, too lazy to sign Shawn out)

Maureen McGowan said...

Okay... that photo of him in the robe with the boots is about the sexiest thing I have ever, ever seen.