Friday, February 29, 2008

Enough with the panic and fear. Have a dose of Depp.

Well I know I FEEL A WHOLE LOT BETTER NOW! How about you?

It's been a tough week, folks, but I'm up and at it. I'm teaching half a lesson today, I'm a quarter of the way through the NINTH edit of my marvelously nasty fun book, and tomorrow I'm going to the farm. My horses are getting a hoof trim. I get to have a long discussion with my awesome farrier.

So before I go running off to do all the things I'm doing on this very cold extra-day-in-February, I have a few questions for you, my dear darling readers whose feedback I value so much.

-Johnny Depp: whiskers or clean shaven????

-Anybody wanna learn here on this blog what the trimming of horses' hooves is all about?

-Did you think Alexandrea Lushington was too good to be kicked off American Idol yesterday?

-is plaid flannel one of the sexiest fabrics available to humankind?

-does it bug you when people ask you questions to which they clearly already have answers????

Sorry. But not really. I want your answers. Catch ya later.


The Adult in Question said...

I'm annoyed this morning by irresponsible people. You should blog about that. I'm annoyed by people who are supposed to be professionals but in turn are more immature than the student body...
Anyways, I like the second Johnny Depp picture. And I hate when people ask questions that they already know the answer to...I'm done

CindyDianne said...

1. Whiskers.
2. Sure.
3. Who?
4. Duh!
5. No.

I want to read some of the marvelously nasty fun book!\

So, because it is still cold there you aren't going to particulate in our Spring photo challenge? Is that what you are saying? You are saying that you aren't up to the task of telling us, in photos, what Spring is about for you? Because I was just sure you could come up with something clever and inventive and hysterical and moving and wonderful - even if it is still super cold. Can't you?

Heidi said...

As for whiskers it all depends on whether I may be kissing the person in question. I do not like to kiss whiskers! However, since the chances of kissing Johnny are infinitesimal, I definitely think he's sexier with them.

There were definitely worse people to kick off than Alexandrea, but I didn't see her going all the way anyway so I didn't lose sleep over it (like I'd lose sleep over it anyway!).

There's not much flannel around where I live except sheets, and they are the cat's meow, plaid or not!

What annoys me is people who are up blogging at 7:15 in the morning. Hello? I'm not even cognizant enough to make coffee at that time of day! :)


I did once ask somebody what my name was but, at the time, I hadn't a clue. It was around '79 I think and I was the most stoned I've ever been. Odd that I remember it really.

Olly said...

1. Clean
2. Sure, why not?
3. Don't watch it
4. I think so, but my hubby - not so much.
5. YES

Have a great weekend!

Heidi the Hick said...

Olly, Great answers! This will come in handy next week...mwa ahahaha...

4D that is one of the funniest comments you've ever left and that's saying something.

Heidi, that whiskers explanation is awesome! So are flannel sheets. Which is where I'd like to stay much longer in the morning...

Cindy, more useful answers, very good... I have to tell you that I do hope and plan that you will read the marvelous fun nasty. ANd I think you might have talked me into the spring photo challenge. As long as you all don't mind more pictures of SNOW cuz that's what spring is looking like in my neck of the woods!

KC, would you happen to be at school when you left your answers? I'm thinking?

Biddie said...

LOL at 4D. I love his randomness.
Umm, clean shaven, and American Idol? Sorry, can't help you there. I just watch the try outs when everyone and their grandma stops by to sing :)

terry said...


which surprises me. i usually prefer clean-shaven, but looking at these pics, i find i prefer whiskers on him.


Heidi the Hick said...

You all know how I feel about it! I like him every way!

(Whiskers are nice on a guy's face if they're past the stubble stage. Stubble= scratchy. Whiskers= soft. I don't like it when Jethro trims his too short. That's all I got to say about that.)

Nicole said...

Farriers are always good distractions, lol.


Lynn Sinclair said...

Johnny Depp -- I'm not fussy, I'd take him whiskered or shaven.

Heidi the Hick said...


Nicole- my awesome farrier is not quite like your awesome farrier... Mine is named Mary!

Caryn said...

Thank you for this, Heidi. I needed that dose. In fact, I may need another here soon, so I'll have to stop back.

Heidi the Hick said...

Well this is the place to be on Friday!

Ashley Ladd said...

Ooh! I feel so much better. And I definitely prefer Depp with whiskers. No contest.

coffeypot said...

Well, let’s see!

1. Johnny who?
2. Yes! And shoeing and types of food and frequency of each.
3. Why did she get kicked off – drunk? Doing Simon? Trying to do more men than Ryan? What?
4. Yes, just ahead of a t-shirt.
5. Stop bugging me, dammit.

And, you don’t like kissing a beard but you will go down… Oh, forget it!

Heidi the Hick said...

Tally the votes:

don't know who he is- 1

don't know what we're talking about- 1

clean shaven- 3

whiskers- 4

any way I can get him- 2

That about does it.

jules said...

Heidi, what's the second picture, and the last one, from? I've not seen them before. A movie? Gosh, he's gorgeous any way you want to put him up. Whew! Thanks.

Heidi the Hick said...

2nd picture, I think, is from a Vanity Fair shoot, and the last pic is from a British interview around the time of Gilbert Grape. Is it weird that I know all this?

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