Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Here's one writer who hasn't gone on strike!

The Golden Globes got cancelled! Huh. Looks like a writer is needed to invent lines such as, "And the award goes to..." In all seriousness, it has more to do with actors supporting the striking writers. I have never gotten paid to write anything. I do have a feeling that if my paycheck was threatened, I'd have a very strong opinion on this whole thing.

Never fear though- I have already provided you with an awards show! Mine's more fun, plus you don't even have to starve for a day in order to fit into your dress, or stuff yourself into a tuxedo.

Plus you can go into long debates about all the awards being wrong and who got robbed- to the hander outer of those awards!

Git over there.

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captain corky said...

The Golden Globes are canceled? I guess I'll just go play in traffic now. ;)