Monday, January 07, 2008

Hear me Roar! (It's an Award Winning Roar!)

The very lovely, intelligent, talented, beautiful, funny Adrienne Kress has given me an award!

'The Roar for Powerful Words Award'

It comes from The Shameless Lions Writing Circle, which I think I'll have to spend some time looking at.

I felt pretty humbled by the whole thing, especially given who it's coming from (thank you Adrienne!) and the company I was included in. I'm supposed to pass it on to five more. I don't usually do that because I can't decide who gets the award. I hate to leave anybody out.

I'm taking a deep breath, pinching my eyes shut, and sharing five sources of powerful words.

Whew, this is tough...I've got so many...

DILLING Nanaimo Blahg

She takes gorgeous photos, has made me chuckle with links to unexpected places, and has made me weep on many occasions. Oddly enough I don't resent her for that. Actually a weep from Dilling feels pretty okay. Oddly enough.


She writes things like this or this that really make my head spin, and then I have to reread it when the spinning stops, and then read it again for the pure joy of it.

TOD The Bridge of Cows

After entertaining us with screamingly hilarious stories about his co-workers, he's just started on his new life as a man of luxury...for a few months anyways. I'll miss his office, but I know he'll find something else to write about, because I suspect he's got the kind of brain that never stops seeing and getting it.

BALLOON PIRATE And another thing...

He can tell a funny story about his kids, a sad story about his ex-wife, and often throw something out there that's so thought provoking that I'm not even sure what we're talking about anymore.

XTIN Xtinpore

She is so brilliant that at times I feel that I struggle to keep up with her, but I'm always rewarded. Exquisite images, carefully chosen words, and sometimes, Converse sneakers.

There are more I would have liked to have put on the list. It was really hard to keep it down to five.

(And you five?....thanks for the giggles and oohs and aahs and sneaky little tears running down my face. Each one of you is a gifted life observationist and a sensitive human being. )

My remaining blog buddies? I LOVE YA ALL TOO!!!!!!! What a great bunch I found out there in the world.

And if you're still hungering for awards, I have a truckload of them next door!


katy said...

congrats on the award Heidi

coffeypot said...

Excellent choice! You deserve it. You are one of my favorite reads each day - if you ever get around to posting everyday.

Balloon Pirate said...

You honor me. And a deep bow from the waist to you. Congratulations!


Xtin said...

Congratulations! And shucks!

Tod said...

Wow, thanks Heidi, I'm honoured! :)

Steve Bodio said...

Congratulations (and on your 2007 accomplishments)!

Same to Xtin. I have been neglecting my blogfamily (bad back & work difficulties) but am coming back strong I hope..

Anita said...

Congrats! Fabulous choice... Adrienne Kress obviously has wonderful taste!! :)

dilling said...

omg....where is my tiara?
er, I mean, shucks, Heidi. You shouldn't have.... really. Honest. So much pressure now.

IndieFaith said...

very cool.

Heidi the Hick said...

Indie faith, you'd fall under the same category as Xtin- I struggle to keep up but it's worth it!

Dilling, your tiara is slightly tarnished but very elegant. I found it in a second hand store!

And you Mr Bodio...looking forward to what you've got for us this year.

You guys are ALL quite lovely and wonderful!

rain said...

I like your lion award. I think you should put it on a t-shirt! congrats!!!!

terry said...

congratulations, heidi! you deserve it.

you are a beautiful writer.

Anonymous said...

Ola, what's up amigos? :)
I will be happy to get any assistance at the start.
Thanks and good luck everyone! ;)