Friday, November 09, 2007

Take Your Computer To Work Day (and make some music with it)

I'm squeezing in a little mac time here before it becomes a mobile editing studio in a building that I am not in. Jethro and I share more than just a house and debts and two kids who look like us. I'll be okay- I have this thing called a workbook and a pen to do my writing. Sadly, I may or may not have taillights/brake lights on my truck today. Call me wussy, but I don't really like driving without those things. I'm not that specific kind of crazy. So I might not be able to go out to the barn today. (drive to barn drive to barn, drive to barn. Still sounds odd.)

If I'm stuck at home all day, I'll have my workbook and pen and dust monsters...and some tunes. I owe you a post on What to do when you come in from the barn to tell you about the new tunes, but as my time's limited, I'll just give you a quick look here.

And yes, it's true, I am shallow and and if you put a man on a stage, there is a good chance I will fall in love with him. If you don't believe me, ask Jethro because the difference between him and every other man I've loved because he is on a stage, is that for Jethro my love is permanent.


I'm going to say it now- This is THE BEST ALBUM OF 2007. You heard me. I said it and I said it loud.

It's beautiful, it's haunting.

I admit, yes, I love Robert Plant with an almost unhealthy intensity. I can't believe it took me until I was 15 to discover him. What was I doing before that????? And if you are not aware of Alison Krauss, well let me warn you- you will never be the same after.

The music on this album is usually 40 years old but sounds so right.

Jethro smiled at one point during a listen and got all reminiscent about the echo chamber at the Sound Emporium (in Nashville, where the it was recorded, and where Jethro once spent three days working). "The Silo" he said. Damn. I want a farm with a big ol barn and a big ol silo behind it, and I'm gonna dangle a microphone from the top and we're gonna set up a kit and record us some drums. We're totally gunna.

I also need to say that I love how My Ultimate Favourite Rock Star has aged. He's like the elder lion of the pride! He's the one all the cocky young ones sheepishly get out of the way for! He doesn't roar until he darn well needs to, and when he does...!!! Look at this guy. He's got smile wrinkles on top of his laugh lines on top of his menacing scowl marks!!!!

Damn, ol man, you are beautiful!!!!!!

But don't trust me and my love blindness. LISTEN. He is not playing the rock god- he just sings. The pairing of the two of them is so respectful and gentle and at times playful. Their voices are so unbelievably perfect together. She is perfect. He sounds so good I could weep. Actually I did weep. Repeatedly. That's how incredible he sounds. My man Robert sounds gorgeous. Trust me.

And way out in the other field, a completely different beastie.

Hedley are my guilty pleasure. I have been criticized by rock snobs that this is just another mallpunk band but y'know what? They are better. Anyways, I don't care. I love them. They're more fun, more interesting, better musicians and did I mention fun?

And...yeah. Still a teenage girl at heart, I think they're adorable. Absolutely naughty and totally adorable.

See the big fella at the end, the one in the hat? The bass player??? (Darn bassists will sneak up on you every time...) I have the most ridiculous crush on him. I'm not kidding- even my 13 year old daughter thinks it's funny. Last spring at the Junos, Jethro had to drag me away from the party, saying, "Okay honey, that's enough Tommy Mac for one year. I'm sure they'll be here again next year and you can ask him for another hug."

Sigh...he's so tall and has arms like steel beams.

Where was I?

Oh yeah. I've seen them live twice and they kick. Any young band who can pull off a Rage Against The Machine cover is alright in my books. They're solid but totally unpredictable.

"Famous Last Words" is fun. Sometimes, when you need tunes, you need fun. Sometimes you get a nice little jolt of surprise in the form of a sincere and well written ballad. Yeah, a ballad and this is huge because I generally hate ballads. And there's a killer on this one!

I gotta go. Big weekend coming up- my neighbour friend RW is putting his band back together for The Reunion Gig and he's gigging at the only scuzzy dive bar in this town. I'm so excited! But now I must blast- these Friday picture posts take forever to put together.

Oh shoot! It's Friday! Here I am going on and on about my loves and who did I forget??? Let me fix that.

Oh yeah!

GAH!!!!! Don't...even....say it!


Anita said...

I agree - it IS the best album of 2007, and he IS beautiful!! :D It's a hair thing, always, with me... lol

YoursTruly said...

Hey H! Its really JJ from Colorado here. :D

I'll have to check the Plant album out! In the meantime, you can download Trent Reznor & Saul Williams' album today at niggytardust.com. OMG I love it!

Happy Friday!

(No blog, just this dufus Yours Truly identity!)

p.s. Lovin' Johnny, as always! :P

dilling said...

I agree too...I have been saying that since I opened it up...and everyone is getting it for Christmas from me....except my brother who already got it for his birthday.

dilling said...

um, yeah, Raising Sand, I'm talking about...I guess I thought everyone would already know!!!

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

Robert plant is aging VERY well, isn't he? I just wish I will age that way too!

Marni said...

I have ALWAYS gone for the bass player... something about their rythem... dayum girl we are cut from the same cloth.

Loves RP... gonna have to give that album a listen.

Dr. Medusa said...

Um . . .is that Johnny Depp with a bass guitar??


That's the sound of me spontaneously combusting.

A Paperback Writer said...

Y'know, it's actually to the point where I think, "Oh. It's Friday. I've got to check out hickchic to see what Johnny poster Heidi has posted."
Sad, isn't it?
I'm going to try to get Max to take me for another ride in Car 53 so I can sit in the backseat where Johnny did.....

rain said...

Jamie bought me the Robert/Alison cd a coupla weeks ago. I like it alot, can't say I love it, but then I've been forced to drive around listening to the soundtrack from High School Musical, so I may have lost some of my tone. I like Hedley, both the band and the town, which is always the highlight on any trip to visit my sister. Ooo, rambling...time for bed.

her indoors said...

for risk of being shouted at your friday photo of your fella 'is it really him' ouch ouch stop throwing things at me i am sorry i had to ask!

Heidi the Hick said...

hahaha! yeah it's really him!

Rain- You have to listen to High School Autotune all the time? Hmm. Gonna be okay??? I'm glad to see I'm not the only mommy who likes Hedley though!

PBW I dont' think that's sad at all! We all love our Friday Johnny! (I have got to see Fear & Loathing again. Must find DVd remote...)



I will be along to pick up your smoldering remains.

Marni, it's true. You and I would have been dangerous had we gone to the same high school.

Jas- I wouldn't recommend living the life he's lived to age like that though!!!! (You'll turn out just fine!)

Dilling, I'm gonna give it to my mom. Cuz she's all cool and stuff.

Hey, yourstrulyJJ! Good to see you!

Anita- yep, me too!

Anita said...

Oh, and with you it's bass players, with my it's drummers... lol... Also good rythmn... ;D

witchypoo said...

I'm a grandmommy who loves Hedley:
They aren't naughty so much as Jacob is naughty; mooning the audience, tsk, with his round bum.

Therese said...

Girl, you are so scattered--it's great!

You know, I had a silo once. Two, actually. Didn't put the drums in there, though.

I'm getting the Plant-Krauss CD. I've been an AK fan forever; she blows me away.

Heidi the Hick said...

They are actually very cool guys. Quite perfeshnul and all in real life.

(Yep, I'm scattered all right!)