Monday, November 19, 2007

It's Hick Sheek Fashion Week!

One of my favourite subjects, other than my horses, kids, husband and my book, and Johnny Depp, is clothes. I love clothes.

Not like some girls love clothes though. I don't particularly like the mall. Price tags generally make me feel faint and woozy.

I love buying clothes at the local feed mill. John Deere hats! Wranglers! Roper boots! Work gloves...canvas coveralls...rubber boots...ahhhhh! I love that stuff.

Here's how this week will go:

Today-The basics of hick chic

Tuesday- what pisses me off about work wear

Wednesday- my favourite things

Thursday- Hick Chic Fashion Hall of Shame


I know! I'm as excited as you are!

The hoodie is one of the most important pieces of workwear. Unless you like having numb ears or hay in your hair, get one.

Or get this one.

Unless you're a guy, then don't get the pink one. Well I guess you could if you want to. Whatevs, man, I am not here to judge.

Besides, I'm working on my "Less Hatred, More Hay" masterpiece I'm sure everybody can feel happy about the world when wearing something like that.

The cap is another essential piece. I actually have this one, although mine is very worn and faded now! The kind with the mesh back is better for summer hot weather. Keep that in mind.

Keeps the sun out of your eyes, covers your hair, doesn't get in the way when you have to lean on a horse to pick up a hoof, and for those of us with long hair, a ponytail fits through the adjustment hole! It's the perfect headgear! Unless of course, it's cold and windy, in which case you need an earflaps hat which could be a whole blog posting on its own!

Don't forget the gloves! I wear gloves for everything- gardening, riding, sweeping, tractoring.

Here are my favourite work gloves:

I have seen pink riding gloves too. Maybe some day I'll get a pair.

I have a few very cool leather belts, but sadly, I've never had a classic belt buckle. I need to save up my pennies for this one.

I know. I'm not a farm girl anymore. But I was. I will be again. Sort of. So I say it counts.

Jeans. What a subject. There are the ones I wear to go out, as in, to a public place where people will see me, and riding jeans. Truthfully, I rattle around the house in some nasty old track pants. I have one particularly favourite hideous pair that my stylish daughter hates- they're green and purple plaid and she calls them clown pants. They're comfy. It's a farm kid thing to only wear the good stuff when you're out of the house, as in, off the farm, going to town, going out in public. It saves laundry, actually. See? Practical.

Before I get into riding jeans, check these out. They are lined in flannel!!!!

Oh happiness. I'm almost dizzy just thinking about it.

I've spent the last few months trying to get back to my Wranglers weight. I got them a few years ago and got hooked. I can't explain what it is about them that makes them special, but they really are better jeans for riding. I'm wearing a pair of Silver jeans lately, and although they do the job, I keep wishing I could fit into my Wranglers again. I do find the waist a little high. There's just not much room between my ribs and my hips. Other than that they're so comfy.

This is how you wear them- so long in the legs that they're all wrinkled up around your ankles when you're standing. There's a reason for this. When you're in the saddle, they'll be the perfect length to end up just at your boot heels. They won't ride up around the stirrup fenders.

And speaking of boots...there will be a whole blog post on boots. My life revolves around boots. Here are a few pairs that I don't have. But very much want.

Cute or what?

Hey! Y'know? Right?

Oh but wait!!!


I will have these. Some day, when my children's feet have stopped growing and I don't have to buy boots for them anymore, I will have a pair of these boots. I'll wear them everywhere. I'll wear them from April til November.

To top this off, I'd liek to share a few photos that make me very happy.

This guy rocks. Love the dog, love the stone wall, if I had a slicker like that I'd ride in the rain a little more happily, and it takes guts to wear a mustache like that, buddy dude!

I'm sorry, when your outfit is this cool, mud only makes it better.

I don't usually post photos of people I don't know, but these ladies are so adorable I have to. Those are some nice overalls and coats they're wearing.

I especially like the red outfit! I like the tractor too. I doubt I'll ever have use for a monster of a tractor like this. I hope they're having fun with it!

And finally, I like everything about this picture.

I like the horse's ears and neck positiion. Love that hat, the jacket, the vest. Nice deerskin gloves. Great hat. She has good hair too. She kind of looks like Sheryl Crow. I like Sheryl Crow because she, like me, has small 'uns, messy hair and a mole on her face. Yep, sometimes I like people because of physical similarities to me and what they're wearing. It's like I never left grade 4. Except that in Grade 4 I had no idea a person could look this good in Carhartt.

I need to save up some pennies...that Carhartt stuff is the best but it sure isn't easy on the wallet. It's worth it, though.

So what exactly is Hick Chic? For me, it's about wearing comfortable, well fitting, practical clothes that look good. And it's an attitude too. I don't need to dress nicely. I don't need to wear what all the glossy pictures tell me to wear, even if I do have a good time looking at those pictures. I know where I come from, I know what I like, and I know what I'm comfortable in.

yep, I'm a hick, no matter where I end up. And darnit, I'm vain enough to want to look good!

But not too good if you know what I mean!


CindyDianne said...

I saw and coveted a pair of Ariat Fatbaby boots with John Deere emblems and colors. Now I can't remember where I saw them and neither can KB.

CindyDianne said...

oh, and the women of Wrangler have started making a jean I really, really, like really like. Aura. Check them out. TSC sells them, at least down here.

CindyDianne said...

I am pretty darn Hick Sheek myself! But, I don't do the trucker caps. I like the soft top ones!

Heidi the Hick said...

Cindy your hair is too pretty to cover with a hat!

And yes, you are very Hick Sheek! You're the real deal, baby.

I think I found those boots on rungreen.com. They're not Ariat but they're pretty cool looking. I could go crazy on that site if I let myself ever spend any money!

The TSC where my dad shops has just started carrying Aura clothes! I LOVE TSC!!! Last year they did a massive remodel and now there's a huge clothing section. It's amazing. I almost cried when I walked in this past summer and saw child sized work clothes. Yay!

Anita said...

LOVE the pictures... Especially the first pair of boots... (although I love the JD ones too!) I haven't bought anything brand new in a long time... And even when I do, it nothing but cheap Wal Mart jeans... I love cool clothes, and shoes, and bags, and don't own any of it! Isn't that weird? Three pair of jeans and an assortment of t-shirts, most of which were free used clothes recieved after the tornado... *sigh*

Heidi the Hick said...

Not weird at all, Anita, I'm the same. My kids have both taken a growth spurt, meaning if anybody's getting new clothes it's them, not me, but I'm no good at spending money on myself.

I think when I'm earning an income I'll be a little better, but you know how it is, there's always somebody else pushing MOM down to the bottom of the priority list!

Our time will come though, I'm sure of it!

CindyDianne said...

I don't have that spend money problem.

CindyDianne said...

Oh and the Aura jeans come in different waist heights. I choose petite because I am so short-waisted.

Heidi the Hick said...

Waist height is a serious THING with jeans! I know that really low waisted jeans are just not quite right for riding. Also I hate bending over to pick out a hoof and knowing that the moon is smilin, if ya get my drift. But, if you're short waisted (like us!) a high waist is uncomfortable!

I'm going to check those jeans out.

Angel said...

Omg Heidi, you would have loved the shopping in Oklahoma City. Boots. Jeans. Boots. Carhartt.
You would have shit flannel!

Lol "child sized work clothes" Clearly child labor laws do not apply to farm kids.

Heidi the Hick said...

Angel, I probably would have passed out from happiness!

yeah about the child sized work clothes...what the heck is a child labour law!!!??? haha!

I didn't think of it as work when I was a kid. I thought of it as fun!

rain said...

Oh my gosh - this is everything I ran away from as a child - I grew up in the Peace Country of BC - ranching country. It goes without saying that we were not ranchers. I'm afraid - really? a John Deere hat as a fashion statement? The hick chic shirts I can totally buy. the fat baby's are ever so cool. But I would need therapy before I could ever wear anything with john deere on it. Especially with the mesh back! Too much childhood trauma. I'm considering the earflap hat.

rain said...

I do love a hoodie though.

Heidi the Hick said...

Oh no! I've traumatized you!

Just between you and me and like, everybody who reads this, I can understand it. Not everybody who dresses like this is...y'know. Chic. Some are not happening at all.

But it's one of my missions in life to prove that it is possible to be somewhat stylish and dare I say HIP and maybe even possibly kind of COOL and perhaps dare to look HOT? How about just settle for CLEAN?

I think it can be done. I'm just spreadin the word!

It's so funny that John Deere brings back such awful memories for you because for me, it's the sweetness of my childhood. I learned to drive on a John Deere, and that sound of the big old 2 cylinder is one of my favourite sounds ever.

Isn't life weird eh?

Heidi the Hick said...

By the way, Rain?

Thanks for coming back here, despite the risk of re-injury!

captain corky said...

I have a sweet black Cowboy hat but I never really where it... Maybe I'll get one for Jr and we'll walk around like a bunch of hics. LOL

Lynn Sinclair said...

Very hip, Heidi. I hope you find some of these goodies under the Christmas tree.

Heidi the Hick said...

Corky, if you do that you MUST call him Junior!

Lynn, I can only hope...!

jules said...

I have such a problem with jeans. I'm 5"10" so I need a 34" inseam to be comfortable with the length. All the SHORT girls buy up the long jeans so they can have that extra length when their foot is in a stirrup. HA! Plus, have you seen jeans lately? What's up with this perpetual grunge look? I'd like my jeans new and CLEAN please. Ok, a little prewash is nice, but dirty looking brand new from the store? NOT! And I'd like a nice mid-waist please. The ones that are full waisted just cut off my air. Something just below the button for me thank you. If you find such, please let me know! I'm desperate for new jeans.

Heidi the Hick said...

Jules, I promise, when I find them, I will blog them!!!

You'd think somebody would make very very long riding jeans, since we all know they need to have that long inseam.

I think that dirty look is a joke. Mine always end up that way. No need to buy 'em looking dirty brandnew!

And I agree, the waist should be just below the bellybutton. Any higher and you can't breathe, any lower and you're yanking them up all the time.

As a short girl, I sheepishly admit that my Wranglers are a 34 inseam...just doens't seem right that there are 9 inches of height difference and we're wearing the same leg length, does it? I admit they're too long but the price was right and (at the time) they fit.

jules said...

Ah, maybe I'll go look for some Wranglers. I haven't tried them on in a long time.

Anonymous said...

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