Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday! Friday? Oh yeah. It's THAT DAY!

Its' the day that I made a SELF IMPOSED DEADLINE to get my queries sent out. This is Round 2, if you're keeping track. Round 1 sent out four, including one to an agent I think is just the coolest funniest rockingest, and he promptly rejected it, teaching me a couple of very valuable lessons I hadn't learned yet. I'm grateful. Is that crazy? I'm so glad he rejected it. Disappointed, yes, but it forced me to take another two months to make this project as perfect as I can.

Blah blah blah. Point is, TODAY'S THE DAY.

But first.

Despite the drizzle today, I'm heading out to see some horses and I'm taking my kids with me.

My daughter is actually willing to ride in the rain so we're going. Hardcore, man. We ain't no part timers!

Then it's home, where I'll disappear into addresses and names and polite salutations to go with a rude book.

And when it's out of my hands...


I'm getting the heck outta town. I haven't seen my own horses in over a month and haven't ridden either of them since end of July. I miss them so much! I can email my friends and talk to my mom on the phone but a long distance horse relationship has difficulties. I need to see them. I need to be breathed on, and get my hands on their warm coats. Mom says they're getting their fall colours, darkening their ears and legs, deepening Phoenix's spots. I have to see them!

After all this book/ writing/ agent insanity lately, I think it's time for some horse pictures here at HICK CHIC. That's what I think and I sure hope you agree! I'll get some pictures of my two speckled friends, as well as some I took of these two lovely ladies.

Also next week I hope to take a trip to the record store because of this (please click the link and listen!!! I'm so excited about this, the back of my head is buzzing. Seriously. If you've been hanging around here for any length of time, you know how I feel about Robert Plant. He rewired my teenage brain. He is awesome. He sounds so good on this record I'm about to weep. He is so beautiful. And Alison Kraus- I dare you to dislike her. You can't! You cannot! She is the sweetest! Did you know she has the most Grammys ever won by a woman? It's true. Twenty. No kidding. She can sing and play anything. She's stunning. I think Jethro might have a little wee crush on her!

This album ws produced by T Bone Burnett. You might remember his as being the guy who introduced the non-bluegrass world to Ralph Stanley and Gillian Welch with a little project called O Brother Where Art Thou. Are you listening to this???? You should be! I'm in love again!!!!

In other developments, will you join me in congratulating Anthony Kiedis and his half-his-age girlfriend on becoming parents? Heck, why not. I'm amazed it took him this long to reproduce. I think it's nice that he became a grown up first and then became a daddy. We didn't do it in that order, and in fact may not actually be grown ups at all yet, but you can bet this kid will never have a boring life!

You might remember him as Mr Kiedis, my very stern and strict Geography teacher. In my dreams! Wouldn't that have been fun though? He'd have a whole stage make up/ tattoo studio in the staff room. Field trips would suddenly be more interesting. I'm just saying.

I have to give Axl Rose a mention here. If it wasn't for him (and Robert Plant of course) this little trashy epic of mine would never have happened.

And if I'm going to go on and on about all my loves, well, I can't neglect this guy. That would be just wrong. Let's have a double dose!

And on that happy note...I am outta here! See ya on Monday, after a three days of horses and query letters and emotional upheaval! yay!!


Biddie said...

LOL. I was with you until Asshole Rose. Oops. Did I spell that wrong?! I just don't understand the attraction...Must be the bad boy thing.
Who did Keidis make a baby with? He is so cute, but so ewww, b/c has been with sooo many ladies. (Im some cases, I am using that term VERY loosely) Did they have a boy or a girl?
I'm glad that you'll be at the farm for a couple of days. Maybe you'll be able to relax now. Horses are good for that.

dilling said...

Is this new cd gonna be SWEET or what? I can't wait. And I am ordering from Amazon to be sent to my brother for his birthday. I usually try to send him Canadian music but this one is too good to pass up...happy horsetime.

Balloon Pirate said...

Izzat Robert Plant? I didn't recognize him without his nipples.


coffeypot said...

As little music as I listen to, I do have a few artists I like, and Plant and Kauss are two of them. I am going to pick up that CD, too.

And tell Jethro to stay away from my woman. I've had the hots, well - at my age - the warms, for Allison every since I first heard her. Long before it was cool to like her.

And the two lovely ladies on the Hick Chick family spread are very beautiful, indeed. Makes me want to run up to Wal Mart and ride their merry-go-round. If I can do it again after my heroin experience with horses.

Heidi the Hick said...

Biddie, the Axl thing, you know I wasn't totally in love with him. More like fascination repulsion! You also know that he's sort of a part of that weird little world I created. The Kiedis baby is a boy- his name is Everly. His mama is Heather Christie, a model- of course! I think she's taller than him. Honestly I don't know how he's gotten this far without fathering somebody yet. Unless there's something he doesn't know...!

Dilling- totally sweet!!!!!!! I'll go skimpy on groceries for this record! And yes, we had happy horsetime.

Pirate- snort! Yeah, not that he's pushing 60 he's taken up shirts!

Coffey, darling, Jethro would wholeheartedly agree with you. Now go be safe on the merry go round ok? Make sure the horse stands still when you get on!


Alison who? How many Grammys? She doesn't look too punky. Maybe that's why I haven't a clue...

Just got an unreleased Bad Manners Live cd from a band member. Now that's music!

Have a good ride!


....er...on yer horse I meant of course...

captain corky said...

Have a great weekend Heidi!!! I hate Axel and always will after what you wrote about him on your blog that one time.

A Paperback Writer said...

Thanks for the Friday Johnny fix.
I just want you to know, Heidi, that this Monday I get to go riding in the car that Johnny Depp rode in (as a taxi then) in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. And I immediately thought of you.
Unfortunately, my escort will not be Johnny, but he is a nice guy.
Here's the URL with a photo of the car (oh, it's the blue car in the photo):

Tod said...

lol at Asshole Rose. I never liked the guy or his stupid band.

Anita said...

Alison Kraus is so amazing...Her's is the closest thing to an angel's voice on earth... I was so excited when I first heard about the two of them together...

LadyBronco said...

Horses & hot guys -

A fantastic combination! :0)

Donna said...

Hi there. I followed you here from PW's comment section. I saw horses. That's all it takes for me to get hooked. Be back later.