Friday, June 02, 2006

More Fun than a Crew Cab Truck Full of Farm Boys!

I wanna know which feed mill he got the soybeans hat from.
You know, I could write three blog postings every day. That's how full my brain is. Mostly useless information; there's just so much of it.

Soon I'll take on some topics of susbtance, such as the way towns are growing, the National Animal Identification System, the whole farm dog/house dog/barn cat/house cat thing, and trucks. Plus I have to review a Dixie Chicks record, which I am not looking forward to.

I'll be busy and I want to leave my readers (Oh my gosh, I have readers, it's like a dream come true) with some stuff to look at in the meantime. Pick your favourite!

1) Today's title, by the way, comes from a funny incident last Sunday. Turning off the highway, We passed a Dodge Dakota crew cab and in it, kid you not, were four good looking baseball hatted farm boys. How did I know they were farm boys? A John Deere hat doesn't necessarily indicate, because you can buy that crap at the mall now. The driver was wearing a Pioneer Seed cap. That's a pretty decent indication. You know, that and the way they all had their bale-throwing arms out the windows...and over the tunes I hooted, "Whoo, honey look, a truckfulla farm boys!" My sweet husband grinned back and said, "Yeah, a crew cab full." to which I replied, "Even better."

2) Tomorrow, my Old Man is coming up to our house and we're driving to Barrie Ontario for the Automotive Flea Market. Whoo eee, this is fun. Several acres of tables set up in rows full of car parts...and some other crap. But lots and lots of car parts. Entire truck boxes. Cabs. Doors. Fenders. Radios. Whole cars for sale in various stages of reconstruction or deconstruction. Ooooh, can hardly wait. Basically, this is Large Scale Intensive Parts Chasin. Just drive there, park in the field, and start walking. I've been there a few times and you see the same guys set up, probably selling the same parts every year. Guys like my Dad go every year to stalk down that one thing they're looking for. That's why we're taking the truck. You can't go Parts Chasin without a truck, y'know.

3) I had written about Paul McCartney's broken heart, but after posting it, I decided that it is too sad. I'll weigh in on that later. Now I'd like to show you something funny in the Rock Star World. People are divided into the Love or the Hate when it comes to Justin Hawkins. I'm in the Love. And let's not hate, okay, because hate should be saved for truly heinous things, like terrorists, murderers, and hangnails. I hate hangnails. I love Justin. I think he's talented, funny, and dashingly English. (I love English men.) I think it's great that he takes music seriously, but not himself. (I would like to introduce him to a guy named Chad Kroeger, because there's a guy who takes himself waaay too seriously.) Here's proof that Justin can take a joke:

QUICK! Guess which one is the wax dummy!!!!

4) My garden. I'm behind with planting. I still have tomatoes needing to go in as well as geraniums, marigolds, and some things I haven't even bought yet...BUT there are lilac blooms all over the garden after the heavy rain this week, and my garden has a purple background! The allium is up, the irises are blooming, and we're in the purple phase of the year. I love it! Yeah there are weeds everywhere but there always will be. I'll spend much of the summer yanking weeds and that's okay. (Maybe if I get some photos I'll come back in over the weekend and post them.) I have to get the lawn mowed before my Old Man gets here though, because he's landscaper. He has standards.

5) Today my son's Grade 4 class are having their Medieval Feast! He signed up to be the Minstrel, because after all they were kind of the rock stars of the time, according to him, and a good minstrel could attract a crowd, so he bounced off to school today with his ukelele in his backpack. The ukelele will be playing the part of the "Lute". I made him a little red tunic, red to match his knight-buddy, and I hand stitched it, not because I'm too lazy to oil the sewing machine, but because it was more authentic. Okay?

6) My dog is a friggin clown. I love it when dogs tilt their heads to the side and look at you like, "What, man? Wassup? Huh? Wha?" I often think the pug is going to speak english to me. He thinks he's going to be a boxer when he grows up.

7) I spent two days at the studio, cleaning. Isn't that a scream! Me, cleaning! Oh but it was necessary. It's much more fun cleaning the studio, I've discovered, mostly because the emotional baggage is not there. No piles of homework, no projects that haven't been finished and can't be moved yet, no distractions. I got out the rubber gloves and got busy. The best part is, I had tunes to work to. There was a country singer in doing tracking, so I got to hear mandolin tracks and harmonica and all kinds of good stuff. And the dog survived until I got back home.

8) I have to vacuum the family room today, and clean up. I'm going to listen to Rage Against the Machine or Bill Monroe. Or maybe first one then the other. I don't fully buy Rage's angry violent way of protesting, but I am Mennonite and we are all about civil disobedience. ("The police and military wear mustaches and no beard. Yah, then we'll chust do the opposite!") And how can you go wrong the Father of Bluegrass? It's the Speed Metal of Country. (Right, Redneck?)

9) People Mag reviewed the Raconteurs and gave it four stars out of four. Chart Magazine's review was the stupidest review ever because they spent more time talking about "Get Behind Me Satan" which, I'm sorry, was BRILLIANT. Go read mine. It's long and silly but it's good dammit.

10) Did you know that I really like Johnny Depp? I think he's great. Here's a pic of him looking rather skeevy:

and here's one of him looking mysterious and slightly unfocussed:

and here's one of him looking...ah, just look at him. Just look.

"Heidi...Finally. I was so irritated with you for running out before telling me how that story ended. Now sit down and tell me the rest. And it better be good."

Gotta go. Full report on the Parts Chasin coming up on Monday!


Kari said...

LMAO @ "More fun than a Crew Cab Truck full of Farm boys". Great line Heidi! And you know that I am soo totally gonna steal this don't you?

Heidi the Hick said...

Steal it! (Just make sure you tell everyone that your brilliant friend thought it up!)

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

I used to have a ball cap that said CO-OP, a grain cooperative that ran all over the Southwest for a long time. They owned most of the grain elevators out there I think. Don't know if they're still operational since the big corporate farms took over, or not. Oh well.

Heidi! I want to camp in your garden! That sounds lovely!

Notsocranky Yankee said...

My dog has ears that fold back for speed and go up when attentive. She doesn't tip her head too much, but might give you "the one ear", meaning, WTF? She also twists her nose in this manuever so I have to tell her "Don't EVEN give me the nose!"

Have fun lookin' at parts!

Heidi the Hick said...

Rneck Nboy- was the CO-OP logo kind of a rectangle with rounded corners...wider at the bottom? And the two Os sprouted? Little leaves? I wonder if that's the same company that we had up here too. The corporate farms changed everything, but they're still in business, and I'm not...

Wait til I get some edible things happening in my garden! Mm mm, I love picking my salad out of my own yard.

Yank- ears fold back for speed! What kind of dog is she?

N I F T Y said...

My dogs ears fold back for speed also. She's a mutt, husky and something something something. hehe.

As for them farm boys... yum! Too bad we don't have too many around here. *sigh*

Heidi the Hick said...

Just flipped on the computer to unload the camera...
so far the biggest hits of the weekend are:
farm boys
car parts
funny dogs.

Hey, that's all good stuff!

I'm off, looks like a nice damp day out there. At least we won't get sunstroke. Gotta think positive....

Notsocranky Yankee said...

My dog (Sally) is a pharoah hound. She has a lot of personality but she is a 40 mph couch potato.

CindyDianne said...

Heidi, what a great post. I love crew cabs full of Farm Boys! And your Johnny isn't so bad either!

Yank - I have a redbone coonhound that is also a 40mph couch potato! Now! For the first 2.5 years of her sweet little life I thought I would go insane!