Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My Roots are Showing...

I took these photos on Saturday morning. Yep, bedhead, although my hair pretty much always looks like I rolled out of bed recently, and I like it like that. I'll never have perfect respectable hair; it's not meant to be and it wouldn't suit me.

One of the contradictions of being me is my preference for wacky hair. Despite being a mostly all-natural kind of girl who doesn't like lawn poison or meat from the grocery store on a little styrofoam tray, or anything plastic, or synthetic fabrics...I put harsh chemicals on my hair to dye it a colour never found naturally on a human head.

I don't do it to be cool or grasp for my fleeting youth. I do it to cheer me up. And, also, because, it sends everyone else a clear message: don't think you know. Here I am getting my clean well fed kids to school on time just like I should, but don't think you know what I'm all about. There's your warning.

And I'm really bummed out right now because it's fading. My last dye job was April 2 in Halifax. I got it done just in time for the Juno Awards. It was basically an emergency job. I'd gotten it done the week before but the colour was almost gone. The sweet young fella who fixed it for me told me that I should consider giving it a bit of a rest for a few months. At the time I was like, "Sure Billy. You're right. I'll lay off the junk for a bit." But now, every wash takes the pink down a little more. I only wash my hair every four days or so. And still. I'm losing my pinkness!

It's yellow at the ends.

About six years ago I dyed my hair yellow. It was an incredibly stupid home job. I should have known better. I was trying to get blonde but what I got was the most garish polyester nylon yellow. My son was four at the time. He stared at me in horror while my daughter assured him that his brown haired mommy would grow back. One of these days I'll scan a photo and post it. It's pretty funny.

While in my Barbie haired phase, I discovered something very interesting. Some of you may be aware of my size issues (I'd be 5'1" if my spine was straight, and lately my weight has been UP at 120 lbs). I get looked over a lot. Suddenly, doors were being held open for me...I didn't get stepped on as often...I didn't have to say excuse me five times to get a little help over here. It was all because of my day-glo hair.

Then, as now, I sometimes don't get why people are lookin at me kinda funny. Then I remember that I look like a freak. Then I giggle to myself.

In February I tried to dye it myself. You think I'd have learned...no harm came of it because it didn't make much of a difference. Here's the stuff I used. It is appropriate, considering my mental state for the last two years, that this product is called MANIC PANIC. However, it causes neither mania, nor panic. Discuss.

I think Gwen Stefani was rocking this look a few years back.

Here's the real me and the artificial me. That's how dark my hair really is. It used to be, in my teenage years, brown with some golden highlights in the summer. One of the odd things in my family is the way our hair turns dark after the babies are born. It didn't really go very pink did it? (I wish it was still that long. Patience.)

I really want to dye it again. Soon. Because it's yellow at the ends now, and only pink underneath. Isn't that weird?

Here are my roots. Black. My sister thinks I'm nuts to be dying it. She streaks hers to blend in the little grey streak. I think her grey streak is awesome. Very Bonnie Raitt. But Sweetie says I wouldn't think it was so great if I was only 33 years old and it was growing on my forehead. Good Point. What the hell am I doing, pouring poison on a scalp that doesn't even need it? Well, clearly, I'm CRAZY.

And yes, I'm in my jammies in these shots. I sleep in plaid flannel. Hick right down to the basics.


CindyDianne said...

H - I like your hair. I like the color. I don't dye mine. It's blondish red. Actually, the best I can tell it is about the same color as Redneck Nerdboy Jas.

I like the wild, bed head even more. Of course, that is most likely because mine is wild, bed head all of the time! It's nice to see a kindred spirit. Someone who doesn't bow to the elegantly coiffed expectations!

Rock on Bed Head! ;-)

Kari said...

Oh, yeah Bed Head RAWKS!! I've got it most of the time too!

And I LOVE the pink, Heidi. And I say the hell with it, go get a new pink dye job!

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

As I said on Nifty's site, bed head is Sexaaay. And Cindydianne has it right I think. The color looks about like mine! I love it! Haha! Problem with my hair is it never did look like yours when I grew it out back in High School. It just grew OUT. In all directions! Like a giant red afro. Oh well.

I don't understand why red-heads don't get the door held open for them. Blondes, while hot and fascinating as the next person, are no more hot and fascinating than red-heads or brunettes. I never could understand that.

But then, my momma always taught me that all women are the centers of the universe, not just certain ones. I still believe her!

Heidi the Hick said...

Ladies, you are both excellent bedhead redheads! Join me in my rebellion against the coiffed expectations!

(and I probably will cave and dye it again. For kicks)

Jas, I'd love to see that giant red afro. Groovy baby.

The only thing I can figure with the door-holding thing is that a blonde just visually stands out. Jethro's not into blondes at all. (although when I was in a legit blonde phase he liked it ok, bless him...) But that still doesn't explain why red heads don't. PInk-heads don't get the door held, they just get looked at funny!

Also, I think your Momma Redneck taught you well. Please thank her for us!

Kari said...

Oooo. I'd LOVE to see your red afro Jas. And sounds like you momma was one great woman!!

PINK! PINK! PINK! Go for it, sister!

JJ said...

You've got GREAT hair, H. And the pink RAWKS!

John Q. Public esq. said...


...your so damn pretty, as a matter of fact the only way you could get prettier is if you put on a bonnet and drove a buggy...

all my best crazy hair girl,


Heidi the Hick said...

Thanks sisters! As soon as I can afford to drop the 15 bux I'm getting more pink hair dye!

For you, JQP, I'd even pull a few strands of pink hair around my face as I trot through town in my buggy.

CindyDianne said...

Y'all THAT's the name of the "Unnamed Club" I've been referring to. The Bedhead Redheads!!

Kari said...

The Bedhead Redheads! LMAO!! Great one!

Heidi the Hick said...

I would really like to be an honourary member!

CindyDianne said...

Of course, we are a non-discriminatory group. Any color hair may join! LOL

Balloon Pirate said...

STBEW's hair went mousy brown after Lt. Trouble was born.

Of course, back then, he wasn't Lt. Trouble. He was just Baby Trouble.

Don't let anyone tame you!


Heidi the Hick said...

Thank you Pirate.

( I haven't yet been tamed.)