Tuesday, May 02, 2006

My Horse & I: So Chic, So Stylin'

Last time I'd seen him, two weeks before, he was ribsy and his hips were jutting out. Since then my old man's been putting them on pasture for longer periods of time each day, and what a difference. The old King of the Farm looks much better. I know he'll have a nasty old grass belly by the end of June. And he's still got lots of dandruffy dirty winter fuzz stuck to him. I figure by next week he'll be perfect.

The thing is, as far as he's concerned, he's perfect RIGHT NOW. And is always perfect. I don't think I've ever met any other horse who perks up for a camera like this guy. How does he know?

As I am largely about style, obviously, let me point out my awesome headgear. This is a peaked cap with earflaps. The peak keeps the sun out of my eyes. And not only are these earflaps lined with fake fuzzy fur, but there is also a handy chin strap to fasten everything snugly around my face, thereby not letting any nasty wind into my ears. I hate getting the wind in my ears. It makes me dizzy (er than usual) and gives me achy ears. I love my earflaps hat!

Also I'd like to share my favourite coat with you. I don't remember exactly where I got it; I think I snatched it out of a car that somebody left on the place. I have gotten many neat things out of cars that got left on the place. This jacket is an earthy warm brown plaid, and is lined with a windbreaking nylon. It has two chest pockets, essential for stashing things in.

My kids have grown out of last year's riding jeans and boots. It doesn't really matter. They are not allowed to ride with stirrups yet, so it doesn't matter if they're wearing running shoes. Why no stirrups? Their legs aren't long enough. I won't have them stretching their toes down to reach the stirrups, because I believe that messes up their balance. They'be both done lots of bareback riding which is better for their posture and balance, so they have learned not to use stirrups as a brace. They just look kinda goofy.

Yeah, I put helmets on my kids. I never used one until I turned 18 and even that has been sporadic. I figure I should at least attempt to spare my beloved children from those numerous concussions that I had. We made a deal: they wear helmets to ride horses and bikes. I wear a helmet to ride my bike because I'm laughably inept on two wheels. But don't force me to wear a helmet on the 21 year old horse whom I've been riding for the last 17 years.

The boy and the girl are great at sharing their horse. In fact, all three of us got to each ride both horses. First I rode the Silly Filly.

Then the boy rode her.

We rode together.

The girl and I ventured out to the field.

Girl riding Silly Filly, Boy riding the Boss Hoss.
It wasn't a long ride but it was perfect. The kids got to learn all over again that horses do what you ask, so ask right. And if you give them nothing, well, then they have to make a decision, don't they? Horses don't mind being the follower, as long as you understand that there must be a clear leader. If it's not you, then they'll have to do it. Simple.

Check out my outfit. The hat, the jacket, the Wranglers, the Boulet Roper boots.

Yes, I am bowlegged. I've also got an S curve in my spine, so you'll never see me standing perfectly straight. It's uncomfortable. And speaking of uncomfortable, I would love to shed just 5lbs. Just so that my jeans would fit right again. I know I'm not overweight; I just don't feel like my fit self. I'm not fit this year. I'm going to blame the meds. They kept my head level, but softened up my body too much.

I think I just need to walk my dog more...and RIDE MY HORSE!


Redneck Nerdboy! said...

I noticed you have a NASA launchpad in the backyard there, with all those towers and wires. What's the story?


BTW, not only do you wear those fuzzy earflap hats well, but you've also got an incredible figure!

I would wear fuzzy earflap hats, but my fuzzy earflaps are natural, so I'm good.

Heidi the Hick said...

The NASA thing is the power grid station. The farm next to ours (both are actually owned by the Dutch family on the next concession) had a chunk bought by the province in the 60s, so it's been there my whole life. My Boy the future rocket scientist likes it. I don't even notice it until I ride up to it. It hums. Maybe that's why the King gets grumpy?

Hey, glad you like my country booty! Is it the bowed legs or the scoliosis slouch? Ha ha, I shouldn't be like that. THANK YOU for the incredible compliment!!

Notsocranky Yankee said...

Great pictures and nice outfit! My mother wants me to get my daughter horseback riding lessons. A couple of her friends have horses and I think I should encourage her to get into it.

Heidi the Hick said...

yankee, even if your girl never rides as an adult, if you can afford the lessons, do it! It teaches SO MANY valuable skills and attitudes. I taught a couple of girls two summers ago and I loved teaching. It just got too difficult for me, being so far away from the horses. when I move back to the country--which I will, dammit--I want to start teaching again. When the girl asks the horse to walk forward for the first time and he does it! What a buzz!

Kari said...

Wranglers are oh soooo comfortable! And I LOVE the earflap hat, I sooo need one of those for winter riding.

Redneck Nerdboy! said...

Mmmm... scoliosis!

Heidi the Hick said...

Kari- I'd love the wranglers a little more if the waist was lower (I'm short, there's not much rib room on me)

Nerdboy- that's what Jethro says! Guys are so awesome.

Kari said...

Yeah, they need to make a low rise 5 pocket Wrangler. I've started buying 20X jeans (from Wrangler) in low rise. And Cruel Girl jeans, when I can afford them. I like the low rise better than the traditional "high rise" cause I've got a navel ring and well, high rise jeans just make it uncomfortable.