Monday, April 10, 2006

Smartypants wants to see what's in my medicine cabinet.

And I like Smartypants so I'll play along. Here's the tour:

1) Body Soap: Chamomile by the Soap Factory OR She by Splendor in the Bath which went out of business recently for non-business related reasons, and therefore really bummin me out. They had the best stuff...

2) Face Wash: Burt's Bees Orange Essence. Burt makes good stuff and has a long bushy white beard and wears a straw hat. Burt rocks.

3) Shampoo: John Frieda Radiant Red Colour Save...does nothing for the natural brunette part and maybe not much for the pink part since it claims to be from "copper to scarlet" and nobody makes a colour save shampoo for pink hair but I do my best.

4) Moisturizer: Burt's Bees Milk & Honey OR She by Spendor in the Bath. It's almost all now, what will I do when it's gone?

5) Perfume: Nothing but the scent of my own skin, baby.

6) Deod: Dove for Sensitive Skin. I fancy myself senstive.

7) Toothpaste: Colgate something or other.

8) Mouthwash. Too cheap to buy that.

9) Razor: I think it's a Gillette sensor

10) Shaving Cream: Soap

11) Aftershave: Huh? whatzat?

12) Anything else? I like the Sweet Feet by Splendor in the Bath, makes my feet all cool and tingly. Also I like the ribbon dental floss.

I'm not good at tagging other people, especially since the only one I really want to know is Fatrobot but he probably won't do it. I'd really like to know how much WD40 he'd go through in a day...

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Smartypants said...

Burt Bees. Yeah.

= )