Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Baby Moses, Beer, and the Thing About Easter. And Stud of the Month.

Congrats to the Paltrow-Martins on the birth of their new son, Moses. So they have named their baby Moses Martin and already the teasing has started.

People. C'mon. Moses is a good name. Personally, I couldn't be happier that Gwyneth and Chris have given their son a perfect Waterloo county, Ontario, St Chacobs, no-sales-on-Sunday Old Order Mennonite name. And in case you're new here, no, that wasn't sarcasm, I really mean it. It's a good solid name.

As for Apple, okay, it's a little out there, but they can get away with it. I was in England six years ago for a wedding and staying in our place of temporary dwelling were, I kid you not, a family with two little girls named--no lying--Plum and Daisy. I'm not making this up! England. I LOVE ENGLAND! I wish I could go this year but it's not in the financial plan, sadly.

Beer. Drove my pickup truck to the beer store today. I DID NOT GET CARDED. I plunked down my 6 of Amsterdam Honey Brown or whatever the heck I bought, and simply paid for it. It was just That Simple. Does this mean that I am finally looking my age, and if so, is that a good thing? Feel free to share your opinion.

In case you're wondering, yes, I downed one of those beers and being a cheap drunk, am having a hard time with the whole typos situation today. do I type drunk????? Only 50 minutes until the kids get outta school for the day.

Easter. I resent the Easter bunny for making little kids believe that rabbits lay eggs, as well as for taking all the emphasis away from Jesus, my hero. My mom has a hard time with Good Friday; she says it's like going to a funeral every year. She's got a point.

Tomorrow I think I'll write about Jack White, whom I shamelessly adore.

Now, scroll down and see my STUD OF THE MONTH!!!


Elmo said...

Drunkenness is nest to Godliness.

Heidi the Hick said...

thanksh emmo

Kari said...

Thanks for visiting. I like your blog, too.

Not much of a beer drinker, but my hubby is. I drink wiskey and Coke. Mr. Beam or Mr. Daniels for me! I don't ever get carded at the local "pop shop". They know us quite well there! LOL!

JJ said...

Yes, egg toting bunny...very strange. Here's a little something to ponder:

Origins of the Easter Hare

The Romans believed that all life proceeded from an egg, so the egg came to symbolize birth and rebirth. Christians regarded eggs as the seeds of life and attributed them with the symbol of Jesus' resurrection.

The rabbit was used in early Easter celebrations to symbolize fertility, perhaps because these animals give birth to multiple offspring at a time. Anglo-Saxon mythology says that Ostara changed her pet bird into a rabbit to entertain a group of children, and the rabbit laid brightly colored eggs for them.

Easter was once celebrated by giving colored eggs to children and later evolved to hiding them in the grass, where they had supposedly been laid by a hare. Children referred to this Easter mascot as the "Easter Hare," which later became known as the "Easter Bunny."

Anywho...purdy Stud. LOL

Notsocranky Yankee said...

I haven't been carded in quite some time I'm sorry to say. Don't worry, you'll get over it soon enough.

It's getting to be serious beer weather in NH. During the cold months, I usually only drink them when "slaving over a hot stove" at dinnertime, but now that it's getting warm, I just need to be outside after noontime! I had a couple on Sunday afternoon and then promptly wiped out on a skateboard. Cranky heard me fall and I was clear down the end of the driveway in the road. OUCH!

Not being very religious, Easter is pretty much all about the candy in our house. Cranky is a huge jellybean fan and my daughter was just talking about eating those marshmallow Peeps on Easter morning. I will be on my way home from Germany on Sunday, but I've already packed the baskets for Cranky to put out. The kids will be "all sugared up" by the time I get home Sunday night.

Smartypants said...

You know, I get the whole 'Apple' thing. I wouldn't do it to my kid but I get it.

I also get Moses.

Not so bad. Could have been worse.

Heidi the Hick said...

Smartypants: I have a kid with a bible name so what have I got to say?

Yankee: "serious beer weather" I think your state and my province share weather systems.

JJ: When ya put it like that! I knew there were some pagan ties, since most Christian holidays were set up to very cleverly hide the pagan ones. Well explained! Wanna teach sunday school?

Kari: Mr Daniels and I had a messy breakup on our very first date when I was 15 and I have been afraid of him ever since!!!!

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