Monday, March 27, 2006

Lots to Say Today Pt 3: Johnny luvs Heidi

I am going to the big show next weekend, big awards show, big Canada music awards. Smaller and more fun than any other awards show on the planet. I kid you not.

It's great because a) we get a weekend away, b) I get to party with rock stars, and c) Jethro makes some business contacts.

And he really does love me.

I'll be wearing last year's dress to the Saturday night black tie dinner & awards presentation. It's pink and I wear it with white knee high boots, because I'm a practical country girl after all, and Canadian evenings are chilly, and I like to keep my legs warm. It's okay to be a dress repeater. Nobody knows who I am. Yet.

Last year, for the Sunday eve telecast concert and awards, I wore a dress made out of chain mail over my jeans and black velvet minidress. It was so awesome. I rented it from the Chain Mail Guy, who also has made a couple of necklaces for me that I treasure. And this year...Look what I'm wearing to the telecast!!!


Kingi Carpenter at Peach Berserk is an Artist, no, that's not enough, the woman is a Genius. I custom ordered this hoodie,and she did it up right. How did she know to put Johnny Luvs Heidi on this hoodie? Genius!!

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