Monday, March 27, 2006

Lots to Say Today Pt 1: In the City with the Younguns

We drove into Toronto on Saturday afternoon. It was fun and all but very frustrating and for me, a bit of a stress. It was worth going though, despite the traffic and the crowds and you know, city crap.

Jethro drove us through the Armpit of Toronto to get us there...don't ask me technically what part that is because I have absolutely no friggin clue where we were. I have no sense of direction to start with but when faced with mazes of streets...buzz, buzz, blip blip buzz. I'd pick out a place I'd been before and have zero clue how it related to where we'd come from or where we were going. Jethro drives.

Actually I think we drove through the Armpit of Toronto as well as the Kneepit and the Elbowpit. Avoided the Toejampit though; that is the view from the 407 through Weston, up by the train yards. Yeeesshh.

Somehow we went through Little Portugal and ended up in Chinatown. Huh? Geography is fun! At this point I was experiencing a little anxiety and had to sink down into my heated seat a little. Very very crowded. Visually interesting but also overwhelming.

So we finally got to Queen St W and let me tell you, I am no aficianado of fancy city places, but this spot is cool. This is where two of my favourite city things are found: music clubs and unique clothing stores. Once I spotted a pile of horse manure from the mounted police who had been passing by, I felt pretty just fine. Here are some shots I pulled off the intermittent net of the sights downtown:A streetcar. Their tracks make driving challenging for out-of-towners. Jethro handled it well. He's my hero.

the legendary Horseshoe Tavern. I've been there. Once.

Hey! What's up with all them bugs crawlin around on the Cameron House!!??

Hey kids, that's the Rivoli. That's where Sarah McCully had her record release party!

If there was ANY DOUBT as to our Hick-ness, it was dispelled once we got out of the car. There's me and the kids, wandering wide eyed, looking and gawking everywhere, stepping on each other's heels. So much to look at.

I found my way to Peach Berserk to pick up my new article of clothing, the most beautiful amazing piece of clothing ever made, which I will be wearing to the April 2 Juno telecast, and which will be featured right here on Hick Chic later on this afternoon!!!!

Jethro and the Boy went into Steve's Music in the meantime while the Girl and I were drooling over handmade clothes. The guys checked out drum kits. That's the way to keep a 9 year old boy happy. He had his Garth moment, where the lights dim, the dry ice drifts across the floor, and after the jaw dropping drum solo, an employee comes along and stammers, "Dude, you're...amazing." And that to him was much more fun than looking at clothes.

On our way out of Queen St, Jethro drove us past the Gladstone Hotel, which, he explained, is a gorgeous old building which has been lovingly restored. "You'd love it," he said, and I would. I love old buildings. And there, standing on the sidewalk gazing in the windows, were nice young fellas. "Oh look kids, two boyfriends!" I exclaimed. "Look how much they like each other. Isn't that nice?" It was nice. One had his arm around the other guy's shoulders, who had a hand in the other guy's back pocket. The kids, in the backseat, came up with only, "Huh." Jethro was teasing me that I'm 35 and have never seen nothin like this before. Duh, that's because where I come from all the boyfriends move to the city. The two boyfriends even gave each other a little kiss--the first time I've seen a guy-guy kiss in real life--and my eyeballs didn't melt!!! We drove away and I said, "Well that's nice. It's good when people like each other. There's enough hate in the world. Let's get more love in this world." Silence in the backseat. They're okay though, their eyeballs didn't melt either. It may take them a while to process this but I think they'll be okay.

So it was a decent day, except that a cell phone call interrupted us on our way home, to tell Jethro that the 17 piece big band recording at the studio on Monday needed a few more pairs of headphones, meaning that we had to turn around and drive through the Armpit again, to Long & McQuade, and then finally head home. AAARRGGGGHHHH.

That's my second time in Toronto this month!!!! Can you believe it? That's a lot for me. He's been working downtown for about 5-6 weeks but who's keeping track? Well I hope he is because I don't do his scheduling anymore. I have less than a week before I'm in the city of Halifax. I'm becoming downright cosmopolitan.


Timmy said...

i want to visit toronto! jealous in indiana ;-)

Heidi the Hick said...

You should definitely visit. I'm not even a city person and I know it's cool.

Askinstoo said...
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Askinstoo said...
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