Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Where I'd Rather Be.

Around this time of year, winter gets tedious. It's been an easy year; snow in November, a beautiful white December, but then a January that really only had a few cold days. But I've still had enough.

I start longing for summer already. It's so easy to forget the steamy humid painfully hot heat wave days. I just want to think about how easy it is to leave the house without all the winter gear. And how much I love eating outside. How grass feels on bare feet. And how clean the horses are. Filling the water trough is one of my favourite jobs. You could just leave the hose in the trough and walk away, but it's so cool to stand there and watch them dribble water on each other with their flappy lips.

I love being out at the farm in the summer. The difficulty is in deciding how much time to spend out there. I have a home in the burbs that needs attention, but dammit if I wouldn't rather clean my mother's house if it means I can saddle up later.
Here I'm letting them out of the corral. Sweet freedom! Yes that's me wearing a skirt and rubber boots. It's a great look; it says, I'm feminine but I'm not afraid of work. And I'm a bit of a dork with my tag sticking out. Can't remember why I was dressed in such an incredibly hick chic way, but I do remember the air that day: humid, but not unbearably hot. Later on it rained, a beautiful fresh rain. We let the horses stay out and get cooled off.
It's all in my grand plan to ship out of town. I know the hardships of rural life. I'd take it back any day.


Elmo said...

I'd rather be ride'n too. My aunt has several horses, but she's getting divorced dipshit is getting the horses. It will be awhile before I get to ride again.

Band of the Week

Heidi the Hick said...

Hey Elmo, sorry your aunt has to give up her horses. That's a real shame. Hopefully she'll be back in the saddle again soon.
Love the band of the week! We Amish Mennonites are waaaay more fun than a lot of people expect us to be!!!