Sunday, November 27, 2005

Jethro and Daisy Mae

We went to a wedding last night. It was wonderful (as most are) but special because it was hosted by the happy couple's two kids, and those kids did a great job!

It was also nice because the place was full of colleagues, which meant the cellphone wouldn't ring anyways since most of his regular callers were at the wedding. Although there were a few "Oh My god, who's at the studio right now?" jokes.

It's fun to get dressed up now and then. I actually do enjoy it, despite being a very casual bare faced girl 99% of the time. I had my hair re-fuschia-ed the day before and I put on my black dress--that's right, even the Hick owns a little black dress--and my white high heeled boots--so trashy and yet so right--and painted up my face and fingernails. Don't worry, I have a bit of taste. With hair like this you don't go too technicolour with everything else. I went for the mid 60's black eyeliner and pale lips look. I must say I was feeling pretty good about the whole thing. That in itself is a good feeling.

Husband went for the Johnny Cash look- the Man in Black. People, you cannot go wrong. Men look so good in all black. Especially mine with his dark hair and green eyes.

We're a couple of jeans wearing slobs but dang, we clean up good.

As long as people fall in love and get married, we'll have reasons to celebrate! To the gorgeous happy couple, way to go!

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