Friday, November 25, 2005

Hick Pink

Just got my hair done. At the mall. I was in the mall and it was even more horrible because of Santa Claus but that's another story.

So I have a halo of shocking fuschia pink around my face. It's awesome. She slicked it all up and straightened it and did a groovy zigzag parting. I'm wearing a pink top too. It all seems rather UNHICK does it not? Considering the tall black boots I tucked my dark jeans into, Kate Moss style, I could almost pass for somewhat trendy. Fashionable. Maybe even hip.

Not so fast! I am not hip! I'm cool, I'll say that, but I ain't hip. Proof of my unhipness- I'm listening to Velvet Revolver right now. Not hip.

I feel okay about it though because over the whole mess I was wearing my Wind River Outfitting Parka which came from Mark's Work Warehouse. It's brown. It's not very feminine. It rocks. I think I looked very Hick Chic today.

Of course the whole mall thing didn't last long after spending two hours in the hair salon. Planned to stalk around looking for stuff that we actually need but the whole place was full of wandering losers buying crap they don't need, plus people forcing their kids to sit on a strange man's lap. I'm not anti-Santa, but if your kid's crying, is it really so important to get the cute picture? I dodged the strollers and headed for the exit.

I left the place with my chin up, strutting on my black chunky heeled boots, thinking, yep, when Daisy May goes to town, she does it real good.

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