Friday, November 11, 2005

Hell has Officially Frozen Over: My Dad bought a Minivan

Talked to my old Man last night, my backwoods, pickup truck driving, car fixing, church going, flannel wearing, Pre-1960 Ford loving Partriarch. He spoke the words I NEVER thought I'd hear from him: BOUGHT A VAN. He didn't say it in caps, that's not his style, but I heard it in caps because I was so stunned.

You need to know a few things. First, Dad still has the truck he bought when I was an infant. In 1971. It was almost a twenty year old truck then. And when I say still has it I don't mean rusting away behind the barn- he's still driving it. It's on it's fourth or fifth engine, third transmission, and uncountable paint job. He's sort of retired it after the last overhaul, intending it to be his summer cruising machine, but it got pressed into service again this past summer as a trailer puller for work. He says it's great advertising.

Last year he had a real dilemma: which truck should I drive into town? the nice one or the work beater? The old one stays nice, but the beater is held together with the minimum of work and cash to keep it going. It finally bit the dust, forcing him to beg my mom to drive her car over the winter if he needed to go somewhere, which did not go over well with her...and he found himself with winter approaching, and no work truck.

He tells me it's a Town & Country, which we had another good chuckle over. Fullly LLLLOaded! There's no rust on it but he says,"It's got this reeeeal nice wood grain on the sides!" Even Better! As soon as he got it he took the back seats out. I mean, it's his new work van. How's he gonna haul stuff around with all those seats in there.

I could have seen myself getting roped into the minivan thing before him. So many folks drive them because they're so practical. But, I VOWED I wouldn't. My old man figured he'd never have to make that promise so...Congrats, Chrysler. Your van is so ubiquitous (that means it's everywhere) that even the hicks are driving them!!

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