Monday, October 31, 2005

You all say Hick like it's a BAD thing!

Not everybody is cut out for life in rural areas. The first realization comes with the first round of natural fertilizer spread on the fields, which actually has many more colourful names, but I promised not to cuss in my public worldwide lectures. Let's just say it do not smell like fabric softener!!

Yep, many people consider themselves too civilized to live the country life. I'm glad for this. There is simply not enough room to spread everybody out on the ground, so it's good that the non-lawn-mowing types are content being 8 stories up. Everybody can be happy.

However, it has come to my attention while poking around on this fancy Inter Net, that there is a prevailing attitude against those of us who are hicks. This is so misguided and sad! It also makes the hick slaggers look like stuck up know-it-alls who feel much more civilized and therefore better than their country cousins.

I think there are two kinds of hick slaggers. Those who have never really met a hick, and those who have way too much contact and wish to flee. You know what? It doesn't really matter to me. I can get along with anybody.

To anybody reading, my message is this: It's not a bad thing to be a hick! We are a content bunch, we love the great wide sky, we aren't hung up about the difference between flowers and weeds. We don't melt in the rain. We prefer natural fibre to synthetics. We're good drivers. We're a lot of fun- on our own terms.

We just don't care about how much smarter, more fashionable, better educated and better looking everybody is in the city. Because we suspect that all of that is really just a pile of natural fertilizer.

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