Tuesday, October 25, 2005

"Puppy breath" comes home tomorrow!

After long years of debate, and dog shopping, and looking, and thinking, we are getting our dog tomorrow. He's only 9 weeks old and fits in one of my husband's big hands. Apparently I have decided to never have a full night's sleep, ever. We are so excited! We've done all the steps: got married, got the cat, had the kids, bought the house...and now we are finally grown up enough to get a dog.

He's a pug. That means instead of crazy barking we'll get snuffling, snorting, grunting and snoring. What the heck, the man snores, the cat snores, and according to legend I snore. Sometimes even the girl snores but she doesn't believe us. Also I hear pugs fart a lot. I don't think in this house we'll even notice. Jethro is thrilled because now he can blame the boy or the dog.

A family of six: me, Big Daddy, Girl, Boy, Cat, Dog. Ah domestic bliss.

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