Thursday, October 13, 2005

A pug is not a good farm dog.

I don't live on a farm yet/again. I have to face the facts: I live in a raised bungalow. Our family car is a VW Jetta. We could easily fit a mutt in the back seat of the truck except that we don't take the truck on long journeys since we don't have $400 for gas. Is there room for a nice lab or shepherd in our lives?

Not really.

Next best thing- a small dog who thinks he's big. Kinda like me. And as far as dogs go, there are plenty of small dogs who have a large aura.

I know exactly what kind of dog would suit us. Compact but strong, friendly, active, with a face only a mother could love. A squat, bulldoggy, squishy faced pug.

So he wouldn't be great on a three hour trail ride with the horses. This is a breed developed by royalty to warm their feet. I have cold feet. My dog could keep the couch warm for me while I ride. So there, he has served his farm dog duties.

He wouldn't be much use for rounding up horses. But there's only two and besides, that's what shaking the grain bucket is for, haha.

He would get me out of the house for a walk through the burbs when I'm stuck at home. When the day comes that we pack it outta here, he can accompany me down the bush lane and back.

I think that wrinkly little face would look pretty cute hanging out of the pickup truck's window. Besides, my cat doesn't give a crap where we live, as long as we bring the black couch with us. He's got his priorities straight.

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