Thursday, October 27, 2005

Our puppy looks like a grumpy little old man

He's got eyeballs that don't quite go in the same direction, a wrinkly forehead, bowlegs, a round belly,and black whiskers. He's also got no nose. Just a little black button where his nose should be! He is the most adorable, funny little dog I've ever had and we are officially all in love!

At nine weeks old, our pug, from here on known as Dog, is already quite the personality. I am so glad we decided to get him. Not sure if Cat feels the same way, but that's mostly because Cat is not sure exactly what kind of alien Dog is. He doesn't look or sound like a dog...but he sure is! He's all about chewing, playing, peeing, and falling into a snuffly sleep on somebody's warm body. I think he and Cat will get along very well in the future considering their similar lifestyle. Other than the playing part. Cat isn't into that silly stuff anymore.

Obviously Dog isn't up to walks yet. Soon, very soon. And then I'll have a canine buddy to take me for walks. It's essential that I go for walks. The doctor, counsellor, and Husband all said so. But it's really hard to go for a walk. Really. The hardest part is just getting out the front door, but I can only walk past the same manicured lawns so many times before it gets monotonous. I have no problem talking to a dog as I walk. I talk to my horse while we ride. I talk to my cat. And yes they do talk back. Those of you who don't believe me simply have the mistake of thinking that animals don't speak English. Of course they don't. They speak Animal.

Jethro was afraid that with the kids in school I could be turning into a hermit. Cat wouldn't mind that. He'd love it if I just got into bed and kept him warm all day. I don't know how healthy that is for me. Tempting, but not practical.

Regardless, I love my Cat so much that I wanted another pet to love too. Our little Dog won't fix me or solve any of my problems or make Big Daddy leave work earlier. But he sure is a heck of a great little companion. Aren't I lucky? A handsome Husband, two great kids, an awesome Cat, and a round sniffling Pug. Oh, the Unbearable Cuteness!!!!

And on that happy note, next time, I'll tell you about the dream I had about Brad Pitt!

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