Thursday, October 06, 2005

basically computer illiterate


I have no idea if I'm doing anything right here because in the '80's when I was in high school, I figured this whole computer thing would blow over and I would be able to go back out to the field and catch my horse and ride off into the sunset, and money would magically appear to live on. Then I got married and had a couple of babies. Now they are more hip to computers than I am. Money still does not magically appear because the bank machine is not magic.

My brilliant husband (who will be known here as Jethro) suggested I do this, this blog thing, since I have a head full of STUFF and it's gotta go somewhere, or my skull will crack, and that could get ugly.

Most of the filler in my brain is useless crap. For example, when Jethro was on his way out the door, we were discussing the Audioslave concert which we will be taking our kids to tomorrow night. This led to the kids' enthusiasm for tunes that their peers don't get, like when the boy wears his White Stripes shirt to school and the other kids say, "Green Day is better," and the boy is disgusted. The parental convo goes like this:

Jethro: that's because the other kids don't have his musical education, they don't get Audioslave because they don't even know about Rage Against the Machine.

Me: But the Boy doesn't know about Rage either because it's all full of swearing and I don't let them listen to most of it. They know "Renegades of Funk" because it was on the radio. And they didn't write that one, it's a cover.

Jethro: Really, it's a cover? I did not know that.

See? Useless info. Little bits of info that doesn't really make a difference in life, yet it sticks in there. Now if anybody comes up and says, yeah, Rage DID write "Renegades of Funk" I will look like an IDIOT with WRONG info in my head...but I never did much care about what I look like and I'm capable of saying I'm wrong.

Wanna stick around? I'll be writing about Jethro, the Boy, the Girl, the critters, and the Pickup truck. Actually lots of pickup trucks in general. Also, beer, anti depressants, music, stupidity, horse trailers, sushi, famous people, movies, horses, laundry, grocery shopping, starving artists, books, pirates, cowboys, my hair, diesel, home decorating, my favourite actor and last but not least, John Deere Tractors.



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Life, or Something Like It said...

Who is this guy? Git outta here. This is a great blog. So glad that you're letting some of the useless info out. I love it.

Vinny said...
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