Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Not that I would want it like this all the time, but when I think winter, this is it. Of course, I'm not a commuter so my opinion doesn't really count. But I thought this was cool.
That's my truck under that snow bank. That's a lot of snow.

Isn't it truly awe inspiring? This is two days worth. It snowed all day yesterday. All day. I shovelled snow three times. Imagine how much fun it was to dig this thing out of the snow today. The Big Guy and I got a 2x4 between us and scraped the roof and the windshield off, which was difficult because I can barely reach the roof! We didn't mess up the paint job because the bottom inch was all ice. I turned a corner half an hour later and the rest of the ice went flying across the parking lot. Problem solved! I still have to get some of that snow out of the bed though. It's very heavy. Bad for fuel conservation. Worse, I should say.

The puppy was in literally over his head. You know when Bugs Bunny burrows? Like that. Hilarious.

Our mail usually gets to us before noon, but yesterday the poor guy didn't get to our house until after 6 pm.

Which led to a conversation today:
Me: I don't get why the mailman doesn't know that the red flag goes up when the mail goes in.
Jethro: That's because he's not a hick, honey. He's probably never been north of highway 9.
Me: You were gonna say north of Steeles.
Jethro: Actually I was gonna say north of St. Clair.

I guess that's only amusing if you're familiar with Toronto/GTA geography. Needless to say, most people get nosebleeds the further north from T.O. they get. However, as far as most of my hometown crowd is concerned, anywhere within a 45 minute drive of the city, sorry man, you're in Toronto.

(And if you're tired of snow, I suggest you go to A Room Full of Fireflies and look at photos of beaches and palm trees. I stop by there for a look every hour or so. Nice!)

Someday I'm trading in my snow shovel for a tractor with a snowflinger. I might not even wait until I move out of the burbs!


teh l4m3 said...

That poor puppy.

Heidi the Hick said...

Aw, he'll live. Next year he'll be bigger. It's cool man. Everybody's gotta suffer a little.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Great blog, I found you over at Pop's site and I know teh, so that means you're super cool!