No really, what is going on here?


I love living in the country.  
I think tractors are sexy.  
When you say "car" I think "pickup truck."

I'm obsessed with horses and have been since I became a live sentient being.  
Yeah I'm one of those horse crazy chicks.  
When I'm with them, I feel like the real me.

I like driving down dirt roads with the window down and the elbow out.  I know how to do that subtle farmer wave where you just lift two fingers off the steering wheel and nod your chin up.  Just, "Yep."

I'm a sucker for all things entertainment.  
I loooooves me a good rock star.  Oh I really do.  I need to have my world RAWKED on a regular basis.  

I have a pretty serious Johnny Depp fascination.

I'm one of those artsy fartsy types.  

I'm a writer.  I always have been. 
If I quit writing for awhile I go BAD-CRAZY.  I love words.  
I have long conversations in my mind with imaginary people.  Then I write it down or type it up.

I also have a pretty good dose of ADHD and have tangled with some anti-depressants.  

Also.  I think Jesus was the most brilliant person ever to exist.

I'm Mennonite -- the car driving non-dress-code kind.  

I'm a strange combination of fashion enthusiast and tomboy hick chick.  
I run around in jeans covered in horse dirt most of the time, but I actually do know how to glam it up occasionally...  I CAN walk in high heels, and they stay on my feet until the party's over.  
The other 99% of the time I feel most beautiful wearing rubber barn boots.  No really, they are so hip and cute.

I think horses smell good and they're real pretty too.
Also I think if we're watching closely we can learn something from them.

I'm in love with a big fella who makes musicians sound like they should.  
He's quite awesome.  I'm the president of his fan club.
We invented a couple of awesome young people together.  
I want to build a recording studio in a barn.

And all of this is created and nurtured under a big wide sky bordered by a horizon full of cornfields and forests and red barns with silos instead of streets and skyscrapers. 
But, when I lived in a subdivision -- and I did, for much of my adult life -- I rocked the place the best I could.  

So, what's this blog all about?

It's about a kid who grew up on a pig farm and wore her hair in two braids, spent most of her time with her ponies, and wrote stories.  Then she grew up.  Sort of.  There's a lot of stuff in between.  Now the pigs are long gone and it's usually just one braid but there are still horses, and there are still stories.

Also she believes she every outfit looks better with boots.